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About Ivette Corredero


Ivette Corredero was 25 years old on the show and comes from Miami Beach, Florida.  She is single and works as a waitress.  Her hobbies include riding her scooter, shopping and watching TV.


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News Articles about Big Brother Six Contestant Ivette Corredero


Big-Brother TV 8/22/06 Ivette Corredero Talks to Big-BrotherTV.com

Fans of Reality TV 9/22/05 Big Brother: Our Interview with Ivette

Reality TV Calendar 9/22/05 The Sad Tale of Evilette and Maggot

Reality TV Hall of Shame 9/22/05 Hall of Shame Moment: Ivette's Doomed Decision in 'Big Brother 6'

MediaFiends.com 9/21/05 Maggie & Ivette on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 9/21/05 Big Brother 6: Why Ivette Lost

Reality TV World 9/19/05 'Big Brother 6' evicts Janelle Pierzina, Ivette Corredero selects Maggie Ausburn as her Final 2 partner

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 April is Voted Out of the House by Her Friend Ivette

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/05 Big Brother 6 Ivette And April Have Words

Reality TV Calendar 9/9/05 Big Sister Spoiler Report: Ivette Will Be Heartbroken

MediaFiends.com 9/8/05 1pm - 10pm 9/7: Ivette Thinks It Over

JokersUpdates 9/7/05 Janelle Forces Ivette to Change Her Plans

I Love Reality 9/4/05 A sonic boom? No - just Ivette blowing up the grill.

TVRules 9/2/05 April vs Ivette -Referee's Revenge

After Ellen 8/30/05 Big Brother 6's Ivette Still in the Game, Despite Herself

Reality News Online 8/11/05 Big Brother 6, August 9 Live Feeds: Ivette or Sarah?

Big Brother Updates 8/8/05 Live Feed Updates- Pawn Me - Could this mean trouble for Ivette?

I Love Reality 7/31/05 Crossing a line - Ivette compares Kaysar to Osama

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/05 Ivette, She's Gay

Reality News Online 7/20/05 Big Brother 6: A Sane Look at the Eric/Michael/Kaysar/Ivette Insanity

After Ellen 7/11/05 CBS's Big Brother Introduces Its First Lesbian Contestant

Jam! 6/29/05 Big Brother players, twist revealed


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