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About Ivana Young Man

On this show, Ivana Trump, former wife of Donald Trump attempts to help a successful middle-aged socialite find a dream relationship with a younger man.


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News Articles about FOX Networks Ivana Young Man show


Hartford Courant 4/29/06 Ivana Trump Turns Matchmaker

SouthFlorida.com 4/28/06 Reality show lets her rich pal pick a younger man.

TMZ 4/27/06 Ivana Reality Show

Toronto Star 4/19/06 All's weird in love and Ivana

Jam! 4/14/06 Ivana Trump helps woman find boytoys

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Ivana Trump's Reality Women Scared Away From Show by Jealous Exes

NY Daily News 8/24/05 'Ivana' may not fit with Fox's reality

The Age 4/12/05 Ivana, you've got male

NY Daily News 2/24/05 Her Trump card is role of Ivana

Bella Online 1/22/05 Exclusive Interview with One of the Stars of Ivana Trump’s New Show

NY Daily News 11/1/04 Fox fires up Ivana's fountain of youth

ET Online 10/14/04 Ivana on The Donald's Fiancée!

Contact Music 10/13/04 Ivana Gears Up For Battle With Donald

Time 9/13/04 Ivana Toys With Boys

Reality TV World 9/7/04 Fox teams with Ivana Trump for 'Ivana Young Man' reality special

Access Hollywood 9/3/04 FOX To Ivana Trump: 'You're Hired

BBC 9/3/04 Ivana Trump in 'toyboy' TV show

Hello 9/3/04 Ivana Trump brings some romance to reality TV

Fox News 9/3/04 Ivana Trump 'Hired' for Reality Show

News 24 9/3/04 Trumps up for Ivana

E!Online 9/2/04 Ivana Play Matchmaker

Zap2It 9/2/04 Ivana Trump Robs the Cradle for Fox

Extra 4/29/04 Ivana's Getting Everything


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