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Aspiring journalists compete for a one-year staff position at the music magazine, Rolling Stone.



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News Articles about MTV Networks I'm From Rolling Stone


Chicago Sun-Times 1/14/07 I was once 'From Rolling Stone,' and it wasn't anything like MTV's new show

San Francisco Chronicle 1/13/07 I'm From Rolling Stone: "From Complete Unknown to Rolling Stone"

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/07 Rolling Stone gathers some gloss

The Record 1/11/07 Rolling Stone offers dose of reality

Reuters 1/9/07 "I'm From Rolling Stone" -- so what?

Morning Call 1/7/07 'Rolling Stone' editor search turns to reality TV

Boston Globe 1/6/07 For this gig, they better come prepared

NY Times 1/6/07 Hey, Young Writers, Thatís Mr. Rolling Stone to You

Slate 1/5/07 Almost Journalist

USA Today 1/5/07 'Rolling Stone' hopefuls will be edited down to 1

Green Bay Press Gazette 1/5/07 Can MTV rock our world with more reality?

Rolling Stone 1/5/07 Iím From Rolling Stone: The MTV Show Competition

Philly.com 1/4/07 Stone interns hope to hit the right note

NY Daily News 1/4/07 MTV: 6 writers rock Rolling Stone's world

Celebrity Spider 3/24/06 Rolling Stone to Get Apprentice

Reality TV Links 3/23/06 Casting Call - Amateur Journalist for MTV Rolling Stone Show

Media Guardian 3/23/06 Rolling Stone joins MTV for reality show

MTV 12/19/05 Journalism Interns at a School of Rock


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