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I Love Money: The Challenge Show is a reality television game show that will air on VH1. The show was created by The Surreal Life executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin.[1] The series will consist of contestants from Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels competing in physical and mental challenges in an attempt to win $250,000.[1] Production started in early February 2008, and concluded in March 2008. The show will be hosted by Craig Jackson.

News Articles about VH1 Network's I Love Money  

NY Post 12/1/10 Cursed 'Money'

NY Daily News 9/16/10 VH1's 'I Love Money 4' re-edited to focus on competition in wake of Ryan Jenkins' murder scandal

NY Post 4/8/10 VH1 kills 'Money'

Access Hollywood 9/29/09 Calif. Police Review The Computer Of Canadian Reality Contestant Suspected In Wife’s Killing

NY Daily News 8/25/09 Model Jasmine Fiore, reality TV personality Ryan Alexander Jenkins sought stardom, met bitter end

NY Daily News 8/25/09 Ryan Jenkins' death by suicide driven by guilt over Jasmine Fiore's death, slain model's mom says

Digital Spy 8/25/09 VH1 cancels shows after contestant death

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/09 Ryan Jenkins: Do you want a dead accused murderer to become a bigger TV star?

Zap2It 8/24/09 Should 'I Love Money 3' with Ryan Jenkins air posthumously?

BuddyTV 8/21/09 'Megan Wants a Millionaire' Contestant Ryan Jenkins Charged with Murder

RealityWanted.com 5/5/09 I Love Money 2, Finale Recap, Superwoman!
RealityWanted.com 4/28/09 I Love Money 2, Episode 13 recap, Crack Olympics

RealityWanted.com 4/21/09 I Love Money 2, Episode 12 Recap, The Betrayed
Realitywanted.com 4/8/09 Wet Bedhead
RealityWanted.com 4/7/09 I Love Money 2 recap, Episode 10, Wet Bedhead
Realitywanted.com 3/31/09 I Love Money 2 recap, Episode 9, You Dummy!

Realitywanted.com 3/24/09 I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 8, Hangman
Realitywanted.com 3/17/09 I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 7, French Kiss Me
Realitywanted.com 3/10/09 I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 6, Men Cry Too
Realitywanted.com 3/4/09 I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 5 Jungle Love For Money
Realitywanted.com 2/24/09 I love Money 2 Recap, Episode 4, Surprise Surprise Say Goodbye to Two Guys
RealityWanted.com 2/18/09 I Love Money 2 recap, Episode 3 ~ Ugly Goobers
Realitywanted.com 2/10/09 I love Money 2 Recap, Episode 2, Broken promises, hearts and hands!
RealityWanted.com 2/3/09 I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 1 – The Crazy 18
Reality TV Fans 2/2/09 I Love Money 2 Premieres Tonight on VH1
Vh1 12/9/08 I Love Money 2 Cast Reveal, Day Two - The Spin-Off Vets (Girls)

VH1 12/8/08 Love Money 2 Cast Reveal, Day One - The Spin-Off Vets (Dudes)
BuddyTV 10/5/08 I Love Money: Season Finale Recap
BuddyTV 10/5/08 I Love Money: Season Finale Airs Tonight
BuddyTV 9/21/08 Brandi C. Talks About Her Elimination on 'I Love Money'
Radar Online 8/11/08 I Love Money: Pumkin Says No, Chance
BuddyTV 8/6/08 I Love Money: No More Reality Shows for Mr. Boston
Bostonist 7/29/08 Mr. Boston Gets Kicked Off Show, Behaves in Generally Embarrassing Fashion
BuddyTV 7/27/08 I Love Money: Episode 4 Recap
BuddyTV 7/22/08 'I Love Money' Brings in Ratings for VH1
BuddyTV 7/9/08 I Love Money: Mr. Boston Dating a French Nanny
Boston Herald 7/4/08 Burning hate for VH1’s ‘I Love Money’
BuddyTV 7/6/08 I Love Money: Series Premiere Recap
Reality TV Magazine 6/23/08: I Love Money Coming To VH1
BuddyTV 6/20/08 'I Love Money' Premiere Moved Up a Week; Ambre Disses Daisy
BuddyTV.com 5/15/08 'I Love New York' Alums Recruited for 'I Love Money
BuddyTV.com 5/7/08 'Rock of Love' Women Take Another Round for 'Money'
BuddyTV.com 5/1/08 More Details Emerge for New Show Featuring 'Flavor of Love' Contestants


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