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About I Hate My Job on Spike TV

On this show Reverend Al Sharpton will serve as "the ultimate career counselor and motivational coach". Camera's will follow eight men who quit their jobs that they hate and spend three months to go after the kind of work they've always dreamed of doing.

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News Articles about Spike TV's I Hate My Job 


Fans of Reality TV 1/16/05 A Bloomin' and a Wiltin'

Fans of Reality TV 12/28/04 Rub a Dub Dub Two Men In a Tub

Fans Of Reality TV 12/11/04 I Hate My Job, Ep. 5: The Little Engine That Wouldn't

Fans Of Reality TV 12/3/04 I Hate My Job: The Importance of Being An Earner

Fans Of Reality TV 11/27/04 Episode 3: The Drudgery Report, Tale of A Mad Recapper

Reality News Online 11/25/04 I Hate My Job, Episode 3: Your Challenge, Should You Choose To Accept It

Reality News Online 11/22/04 I Hate My Job, Episode 2: Take This Job and Shove It

Fans Of Reality TV 11/20/04 I Hate My Job Episode 2: Quittin’ Time

News OK 11/16/04 Job-Haters Get Sharpton's Treatment

Reality News Online 11/12/04 I Hate My Job, Episode 1: Clothes Make the Man

Fans Of Reality TV 11/11/04 I Hate My Job 11/09­Men in Tights: Not Always A Good Thing

Orlando Sentinel 11/11/04 Hate your job? Tell the preacher

Media Life 11/9/04 'I Hate My Job,' little that's redeeming

Star Ledger 11/9/04 Jobless rating

Baltimore Sun 11/9/04 A New Calling

Boston Globe 11/9/04 Take these shows and shove them

TV Guide 11/9/04 Al Sharpton's New Job

Post Gazette 11/9/04 TV Reviews: 'Frontline' interesting; new Fox, Spike shows bland

Milwaukee Journal 11/8/04 2 more bites of reality show apple a tad sour

Hollywood Reporter 11/8/04 I Hate My Job

Boston Herald 11/7/04 Sharpton, Spike TV make `Job' offer you can't refuse

Orlando Sentinel 7/28/04 Sharpton's show is real dream job

Grand Forks Herald 7/1/04 Al Sharpton to join the world of reality TV

Reality Reel 6/30/04 Reverend Al Sharpton Serves As Career Counselor In New Series "I Hate My Job"

NY Daily News 6/30/04 Rev. Al, career coach

Access Hollywood 6/29/04 Why Al Sharpton 'Hates' His 'Job'

AJC 6/29/04 Al Sharpton to Host 'I Hate My Job'

Zap2It 6/29/04 Sharpton Takes 'Job' with Spike TV

MediaFiends.com 6/29/04 - Reverend Al Sharpton Serves as the Ultimate Career Counselor in "I Hate My Job"

USA Today 6/29/04 The next reality TV host: Al Sharpton

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/04 Presidential Candidate To Star In RTV Show


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