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About the Houston Medical Show

This show is a six-part documentary focusing on the critical care and trauma center at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. The series focuses on the daily drama inside the hospital and looks into the lives of the people who work there.

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News Articles about ABC Networks Houston Medical show


Houston Chronicle 10/3/02 'Houston Medical' flat-lines

Houston Press 9/4/02 Reality TV Bites

Houston Chronicle 8/26/02 Doctor, star of 'Houston Medical' dies at age 28
Zap2It 8/24/02 'Houston Medical's' Rose Dies

Houston Chronicle 8/13/02 'Houston Medical' to keep shooting

Houston Chronicle 8/8/02 'Houston Medical' participants ask that show be saved

Houston Chronicle 7/30/02 What has happened with 'Houston Medical' characters?

Houston Chronicle 7/29/02 Strong national ratings give 'Houston Medical' new life

Houston Chronicle 7/22/02 Wrapping up 'Houston Medical'

Houston Chronicle 7/18/02 ABC not expected to renew 'Houston Medical'

WebMD 7/17/02 Candid Cameras in the ER

Houston Chronicle 7/17/02 Houston Medical'ratings a bit anemic

USA Today 7/16/02 ER patients' privacy at risk in reality TV

Houston Chronicle 7/15/02 Tonight on `Houston Medical'

Houston Chronicle 7/10/02 `Houston Medical' ratings climb

Houston Chronicle 7/8/02 Tonight on 'Houston Medical'

Zap2It 7/8/02 A Deaf Medical Student Pursues Her Career

Houston Chronicle 7/3/02 'Houston Medical' ratings show a slight slide

Houston Chronicle 7/1/02 'Medical' shows respect between police, hospital workers

Houston Chronicle 7/1/02 Tonight on `Houston Medical'

Zap2It 7/1/02 A Trauma Surgeon Races to Save a Teen Crash Victim


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