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About House of Dreams

On this show couples compete in a construction and design contest where they design, plan, build and finally decorate a new home.  The winning couple will get to keep the house that they built.

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News Articles about A&E Networks House of Dreams show


Fans Of Reality TV 3/25/04 Woo Hoo, we have a winner ~ House Of Dreams Finale.

Reality News Online 3/24/04 House of Dreams, Episode 13: Home Sweet Home

Orlando Sentinel 3/23/04 Nailing down a dream

Fans Of Reality TV 3/23/04 Welcome To Survi…um, House Of Dreams Episode 12 recap

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/04 I Bet Three Is A Record For Viv (Ep. 11)

Reality News Online 3/17/04 House of Dreams, Episode 12: The Final Redhats

Reality News Online 3/16/04 House of Dreams, Episode 11: Ladies’ Choice

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/04 So, How Long Will Flo Cry? (Ep. 10)

Reality News Online 3/9/04 House of Dreams, Episode 10: Building a Dream

Fans Of Reality TV 3/4/04 Hello A&E… I Know You’re Reading ~ House Of Dreams Episode 9

Reality News Online 3/3/04 House of Dreams, Episodes 8 & 9: Web of Revenge

Fans Of Reality TV 2/24/04 House of Dreams- 2/23 episode: Swamp Dinner 2/24/04 "King Flor And Queen Jim’s House Rules" House of Dreams–Episode 8

Reality News Online 2/19/04 Episode 7: Letters from Home and Messages from God 2/17/04 “The House Of Schemes” – House of Dreams - Episode 7

Reality News Online 2/12/04 House of Dreams, Episode 6: Circle of Friends

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/04 Ep 6: Recap: Welcome to the World of Reality TV 2/10/04 “A House Divided” – House of Dreams – Episode 6

Fans Of Reality TV 2/6/04 Cross Dressers, Gayity & A Deadlock House Of Dreams Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 2/5/04 House of Dreams, Episode 5: Stalemate 2/3/04 "Come On Baby Light My Fireplace" - House of Dreams - Ep5 Recap

Reality News Online 1/29/04 House of Dreams, Episode 4: Secrets and Alliances

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/04 At least we got The Door In ~ House Of Dreams Ep 4 recap

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/04 Episode 3: Back By Popular Demand

Reality News Online 1/13/04 House of Dreams, Episode 2: Tossed Salad

Reality News Online 1/7/04 House of Dreams, Episode 1: Sob Stories and Strategy

Fans Of Reality TV 1/6/04 I Reach My New House, How? House Of Dreams recap 1

Detroit Free Press 1/5/04 The latest surrealism gives winner a house 1/3/04 `Dreams' aims to build on reality-TV fervor

Reality News Online 12/31/03 House of Dreams: A Preview

Press Release 6/23/03 Casting Call - House of Dreams


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