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About the Hopkins 24/7 Show


"Hopkins 24/7" depicts the inner workings of the Baltimore hospital in a narrative style

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News Articles about ABC Networks Hopkins 24/7 Show

Reality TV World 6/22/08 ABC's 'Hopkins' crew finds reality has changed since 'Hopkins 24/7'

WebMD 7/17/02 Candid Cameras in the ER

USA Today 7/16/02 ER patients' privacy at risk in reality TV

Zap2It 6/20/01 'Hopkins 24/7' Receives Crystal Heart

GistTV 9/11/00 The Best Medicine?

Zap2It 8/28/00 ABC Brings Reality To The Hospital In 'Hopkins 24/7'

Milwaukee Journal 8/28/00 This hospital miniseries is the real deal

Fulton Critic 7/18/00 ABC Scrubs for Hospital Documentary


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