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Once stigmatized as the last resort of desperate souls and lonely hearts, today internet dating services are a billion-dollar industry used by an estimated 40 million Americans. "Hooking Up," a new five-part documentary series from the producers of the award-winning ABC News series "Hopkins 24/7," "Boston 24/7" and "NYPD 24/7," takes an intimate look at the sometimes bewildering, often hilarious, and occasionally frightening world of online dating. Like the "24/7" series, "Hooking Up" puts a particular aspect of our culture under a microscope, focusing in this case on the yearnings, trials and tribulations of 12 Manhattan women. Their experiences - the connections, the rejections, the dating disasters - are a reminder that, for better or worse, every date is an adventure into uncharted territory.


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News Articles about ABC Networks Hooking Up


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Reality News Online 7/15/05 Hooking Up, Episode 1: Deception from Both Sides

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 ABC Documentary "Hooking Up" Takes a Look at Internet Dating

SouthFlorida.com 7/14/05 Hooking Up chronicles looking for Mr. Right in cyberspace


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