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Johnny Miller (Taylor Handley, "The O.C") was a happy, well-adjusted high school student with good grades and a room full of sports trophies until the terrible night a year ago that his father committed suicide. Unable to cope, he tried to drown his pain in alcohol and drugs. Now, fresh out of rehab, Johnny is struggling to deal with an uncertain future in the surreal glare of Palm Springs, where his mother, Karen (Gail O'Grady, "NYPD Blue"), and her new husband, Bob (D.W. Moffett, "For Your Love"), have decided to make a new start.


The lush oasis of Palm Springs, with its golf courses, country clubs and beautiful people, is an unsettling new environment for Johnny. He quickly discovers that this paradise isn't quite what it seems when he meets his next-door neighbors: Cliff (Michael Cassidy, "The O.C."), a handsome high school junior whose considerable charm can't quite hide his disturbing dark side; and Cliff's mother, Tess (Sharon Lawrence, "NYPD Blue"), a former Southern beauty queen with a taste for younger men. Johnny learns that his new neighborhood is consumed by a tragedy when Cliff reveals that his best friend, Eddie, who lived in Johnny's house, recently died under mysterious circumstances.


News Articles about The CW Networks Hidden Palms


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