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On this show eleven men temporarily leave behind their wives and girlfriends for a chance to win a quarter of a million dollars on a show called "All American Man," competing in grueling physical and mental challenges.  Actually in order to win the prize they have to undergo a complete feminine makeover and learning to be a woman.

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News Articles about TBS Networks He's a Lady


TVRules 11/28/04 He's A Lady: Finale 11/23/04 Summary

Fans Of Reality TV 11/25/04 He's a Lady Finale recap (11/23) - A Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear

Reality News Online 11/24/04 Hes a Lady, Episode 6: The Father of All Beauty Pageants

Milwaukee Journal 11/23/04 Burly girlie man wins TV show's top prize

Reality News Online 11/19/04 Hes a Lady, Episode 5: Can She Bake an Apple Pie?

Fans Of Reality TV 11/18/04 He's a Lady Episode 5 (11/16) Recap- "Honey, I Flipped My Wig"

TVRules 11/18/04 He's A Lady: Episode 5, 11/16 Summary-Ladies of the House

Fans Of Reality TV 11/11/04 He's a Lady Episode 4 (11/9) Recap - "Im Too Sexy for this Show"

Reality News Online 11/10/04 He's a Lady, Episode 4: Nice Day for a White Wedding

Reality TV Calendar 11/10/04 Episode Five Preview

TVRules 11/10/04 He's A Lady: Episode Five 11/16/04 Preview

TVRules 11/10/04 He's a Lady: 11/9/04 Summary- Here Comes The Bride!

TVRules 11/5/04 He's A Lady: Episode 4 Preview 11/9/04

TVRules 11/5/04 He's A Lady: Episode Three Summary 11/2/04-Strike A Pose!

Reality Reel 11/4/04 Six Men Strike A Pose With Frederique 

Reality Reel 11/4/04 Five Male Contestants Plan a Walk Down the Aisle

Fans Of Reality TV 11/4/04 He's a Lady Episode 3 (11/2) Recap - "Devil With a White Dress"

Fans Of Reality TV 11/4/04 Week 3: Devil in a White Dress

Reality News Online 11/4/04 He's a Lady, Episode 3: Strike a Pose, There's Nothing to It

Reality TV Calendar 11/3/04 Episode 4 Preview

TVRules 10/28/04 He's A Lady: Episode 3 Preview 11/2/04

Fans Of Reality TV 10/28/04 He's a Lady Episode 2 (10/26) Recap - "Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man"

TVRules 10/28/04 He's A Lady: Episode Two-Shop Til You Drop 10/26/04 Summary

Reality News Online 10/28/04 Hes a Lady, Episode 2: Team Estrogen Goes to Lady Boot Camp


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