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Helen Glover was born in Honolulu, Hawaii April 28, 1955.  Helen currently works for the U.S. Navy and works as a water survival instructor.  Helens luxury item was her daughters doll.


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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Helen Glover


Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

Reality TV World 3/30/04 CBS pressure leads RI paper to drop column by 'Survivor's Helen Glover

Zap2It 3/26/04 CBS Has Problems with Ex-'Survivor's' Column

Projo.com 3/24/04 Glover column doesn't survive after CBS warning

Projo.com 3/17/04 Helen Glover: Rob, Amber get cozy; Jerri, Shii Ann go for the jugular

Projo.com 3/11/04 Helen Glover: Jerri Manthey annoys the Mogo Mogo women

Projo.com 3/4/04 Helen Glover: Hatch-Hawk incident is still smoldering; Donaldson gains power

Projo.com 2/26/04 Helen Glover: Tonight, one tribe will fade into history; Hatch looking strong

Projo.com 2/19/04 Tonight: Storm and confusion

Projo.com 2/5/04 Richard Hatch is a naked target for the All-Stars

Yale Daily News 2/4/04 Tea guest tells the reality of reality TV

Providence Journal 5/25/03 Life after Survivor -- where are they now?

Providence Journal 5/25/03 Survivor secrets

Providence Journal 5/21/03 Survivor contestant tells students work ethic will win out

Providence Journal 5/10/03 Helen Glover: Matthew gets my vote

Marines Online 4/17/03 Marines and Navy help Survivor contestant reach final four

Providence Journal 4/3/03 People: A full schedule for Survivor Glover

Providence Journal 3/15/03 Helen Glover: A parting gift for Jeanne: Integrity

Providence Journal 3/7/03 Helen Glover: Jeanne loses an ally, JoAnna

Providence Journal 3/1/03 Helen Glover: Women -- Outwit and outlast

Providence Journal 2/22/03 Helen Glover: The women show signs of strain

Providence Journal 2/15/03 Survivor on Survivor

The Dolphin 1/23/03 Ousted 'Survivor' feels life enriched

Providence Journal 1/23/03  It was no bed of roses, says Survivor survivor

Providence Journal 12/27/02 On the day after, free choice

Reality News Online 12/26/02 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Helen Glover

Providence Journal 12/21/02 Glover and out! Helen reflects on the Survivor

Providence Journal 12/20/02 Local Survivor contestant loses in front of partisan crowd

Reality News Online 12/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Helen Lost

The Providence Journal 12/14/02 Survivor finale: the final four

Reality News Online 12/9/02 MVP: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Reality News Online 11/18/02 Helen Continues to Have the Best Position on Survivor: Thailand

Reality News Online 11/5/02 Survivor: Thailand – Helen’s Future Looks Good, If She Plays It Right

Reality News Online 10/16/02 Survivor: Thailand - Game Theory and Helen's Decision

Projo.com 8/16/02 Survivor show features Rhode Islander -- again

Extra TV 8/15/02 'Survivor: Thailand'

CBS 8/15/02 16 Face 'Survivor' Experience

Zap2It 8/15/02 Meet the 'Survivor: Texas' -- er, 'Thailand' -- Castaways


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