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Ths show is a fast-paced, serialized drama that follows a team of expert career criminals as they attempt to pull off one of the biggest heists in history.  Dougray Scott ("Dark Water"), Steve Harris ("The Practice"), Seymour Cassel ("The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"), Marika Dominczyk ("North Shore") and David Walton ("Stateside") star.


News Articles about NBC Networks Heist


Zap2It 4/10/06 'Heist' Can't Get Arrested

Coming Soon 4/10/06 NBC Calling Off Heist

Celebrity Spider 4/9/06 Preview for April 12th Episode of Heist

NY Post 4/8/06 Robbers Cop

Zap2It 3/31/06 'Heist,' 'Law & Order' Switching Spots

Nashville City Paper 3/23/06 NBC tries something different with 'Heist

Palm Beach Post 3/22/06 NBC has new thieves in town

TV Guide 3/22/06 NBC Plans Ocean's Eleven-style Heist

Zap2It 3/22/06 Honor Among Thieves

Providence Journal 3/22/06 NBC's Heist falls victim to cleverness

Chicago Tribune 3/22/06 `Heist' least interesting of new crime-life series

NY Daily News 3/22/06 Goods are pretty hot in new 'Heist'

South Coast Today 3/22/06 NBC banks on 'Heist' to capture interest

NY Times 3/22/06 Dougray Scott and Orlando Jones Are Stars in 2 New Crime Series

Buffalo News 3/22/06 'Heist' isn't the show that will stop NBC slide

Jam! 3/22/06 New crime show 'Heist' just too cool

Newsday 3/22/06 'Heist' hopes to steal 'L&O' fans

San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/06 'Heist,' 'Thief' -- tick-tick-tick, it's caper time

South Florida 3/22/06 Similarities abound in concepts of Thief and Heist

Seattle PI 3/21/06 'Thief' steals the show from 'Heist'

Celebrity Spider 3/20/06 NBC Announces "Heist" Premiere March 22nd

Zap2It 3/14/06 NBC Plots 'Heist' with MSN

Zap2It 12/22/05 NBC May Break Into 'Heist' Episodes Early


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