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This show follows groups of people from different backgrounds during their stay in the Hamptons. Original families and newcomers clash over their cultural differences.


News Articles about ABC Networks The Hamptons


New York Daily News 7/26/02 Kopple: 'Hamptons' too beachy keen

Extra TV 6/7/02 The Hamptons

Media Life 6/5/02 Redeeming Barbara Kopple's 'Hamptons'

NY Times 6/5/02 'Hamptons' on ABC Has Modest Ratings

Houston Chronicle 6/3/02 Every day is a party in classless reality miniseries

Detroit Free Press 6/2/02 Eye-catching 'Hamptons' is more than skin deep

Washington Post 6/2/02 'The Hamptons': A Real Find

Star Ledger 6/1/02 'The Hamptons' takes a peek behind the glitter

Washington Post 6/1/02 'The Hamptons,' 'Boston 24/7'

Milwaukee Journal 6/1/02 Boston story tops Hamptons frivolity

San Francisco Chronicle 6/1/02 Always a party in the Hamptons

LA Times 6/1/02 Taking 'Reality' to a Higher Level

Zap2It 5/31/02 ABC Spends an 'Unaverage' Summer in 'The Hamptons'

Beacon Journal 5/31/02 `Hamptons' well-told, with range of people

Seattle PI 5/31/02 'Hamptons' cries for more time

NY Times 5/30/02 Summer Place of Reality and Caviar Dreams

Denver Post 5/30/02 ABC raises 'reality' a notch

Extra TV 5/24/02 'The Hamptons'

NY Times 4/7/02 Are You Ready for 'Survivor: The Hamptons'?

Zap2It 4/1/02 'The Hamptons' Highlights Haughty Hoopla

Zap2It 3/28/02 ABC Heads To 'The Hamptons'


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