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Photos/Pictures of Green Ketchup

Picture of the Green and Red EZ Squirt
Picture of Joe Jimenez CEO & President of Green Ketchup maker HJ Heinz Company
1997 Heinz Ketchup (Red) Bottle
Model wearing Ketchup colored dress (sorry, red not Green)


News Articles about Heinz Green Ketchup


BBC 9/28/06 Ketchup banned from dinner table

Post Gazette 6/28/06 Heinz courts McDonalds to boost ketchup brand

BBC 6/2/06 Heinz revamp to cost 2,700 jobs

Reuters 5/25/06 Heinz uses big bottles to squeeze out more ketchup

The Arizona Republic 5/20/06 Basha students stomping mad; ketchup costs them

Wythe News 3/18/06 Who needs ketchup?

Daily Record 3/3/06 Sisters Vow to Beat Their Terror of Ketchup

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 11/23/05 Heinz advice to ketchup lovers: Pour it on

Food Business 9/29/05 Heinz introduces "kid-friendly" ketchup dispenser

Post Gazette 9/20/05 Heinz lifts veil on Marshall research center to delve into all things ketchup

Star-Gazette 8/4/05 Ketchup: It wasn't always just tomatoes

BBC 6/22/05 Ketchup spat executive leaves job

Telegraph 6/21/05 Lawyer quits after ketchup trouser row

Telegraph 6/19/05 Clean means Heinz, lawyer told

Business Wire 6/17/05 Americans Looking to Lay the Ketchup on Thick

Times Online 5/27/05 How Henry J founded his fortune on ketchup

Post Gazette 5/5/05 Hold the tamarind, pass the ketchup

South Coast Today 4/6/05 Those little ketchup packets pile up, but don't keep forever

Guardian 3/2/05 Concern over Heinz ketchup in 2003

Food Production 1/7/05 Dark red ketchup boasts strong lycopene levels

Toledo Blade 12/2/04 Ketchup connoisseur: Condiment's lore fascinates documentarian

The Spoof 6/10/04 Ketchup Discovered to Have Strong Antimicrobial Properties

Businesswire 5/27/04 Say Something Ketchuppy

Businesswire 4/22/04 Just in Time for Summer ... Heinz One Carb Ketchup Hits Store Shelves

The Spoof 1/31/04 John Kerry & Teresa Heinz-Kerry accused of selling ketchup to Iran, N. Korea

The Publican 1/9/04 Ketchup cops on the case for Heinz

Revolution 10/16/03 Heinz Ketchup backs breakthrough bottle with new site


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