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About Greatest American Dog

This July CBS will be airing Greatest American Dog, a new reality competition show hosted by zoologist Jarod Miller. Twelve owner dog teams will come from across the country to live together and participate in challenges that test the owner's ability to train his/her dog. Each week the judges, who include Wendy Diamond, Allan Reznick, and Victoria Sitwell, will eliminate one team. The last team will go home with the title and $250,000.

News Articles about CBS Networks Greatest American Dog Show

Reality News Online 9/15/08 An Interview with Greatest American Dog's Winners, Travis Brorsen and Presley
Reality News Online  9/15/08 An Interview with Greatest American Dog's Runner-Up Team, Laurie and Andrew
Reality News Online 9/15/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 10: The Finale
Entertainment Weekly 9/11/08
'Greatest American Dog' recap: Presley wins! The elephant returns!
Zap2It 9/10/08
Finalewatch: 'Greatest American Dog'
Reality News Online 9/10/08 Who Will Win 'Greatest American Dog'?
Reality  News Online 9/5/08 "I Was Never Mistreating Him or Inhumane to Him" – An Interview with Teresa Hanula and Leroy
Reality News Online 9/5/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 9: Doggie Swap
Entertainment Weekly 9/4/08
'Greatest American Dog' recap: Swingtown
Zap2It 9/3/08
'Greatest American Dog': Loyalty shmoyalty
Reality News Online 8/29/08 “I Have a Dog That Enjoys People and I Love It" – An Interview with Dog's Bill McFarlin and Star
Reality News Online 8/29/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 8: My Dog Can Fly!
Zap2It 8/28/08
'Greatest American Dog': "My dog's gonna fly!"
Reality TV Magazine 8/27/08 Dogs Confront An Elephant On Greatest American Dog
Reality News Online 8/22/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 7: The Big Dig
Reality News Online 8/22/08 “I Might Be an Oddball, But I Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly” Interview with Beth Joy Knutsen and Bella Starlet
Zap2It 8/20/08
'Greatest American Dog': Carrots, sticks, and Puppies!
Reality News Online 8/19/08 "It Was Personal For Her" – An Interview With America's Greatest Dog's Laurie Williams
Reality News Online 8/15/08 "Preston Is the Best Thing to Me" – An Interview with Greatest American Dog's Laura and Preston
Reality News Online 8/14/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 6: Salvador Doggie
Zap2It 8/13/08
'Greatest American Dog': [Insert dog pun involving famous artist here]
Reality TV Magazine 8/13/08 Doggie Artists On Greatest American Dog
Reality News Online 8/8/08 “She Basically Sat Down and Said, ‘I’m Done’” – An Interview with Dog’s Brandy and Beacon
Reality News Online 8/7/08 Greatest American Dog, August 6: Dancing with the Dogs
Entertainment Weekly 8/7/08
'Greatest American Dog' recap: Dancing With the Dogs

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