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This show will provide a rare behind-the-scenes look at Irv's company and the music machine that he is, working with artists such as Vanessa Carlton, Lloyd, Ja Rule and more. After being investigated for 3 years by the federal government and acquitted, on charges of money laundering, Irv Gotti is now attempting a comeback with his label, The Inc., while also juggling his responsibilities as a husband and father. The show will also focus on the raw emotions between Irv and wife, Debbie, by exposing their struggle to mend a severed relationship and make it functional for the sake of their family.


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Reality TV Fans 4/28/09 VH1 Moves Back In With The Gotti’s For ‘Gotti’s Way 2'

Reality TV Fans 4/22/09 VH1 Announces the Return of Gotti’s Way on May 4

Entertainment Weekly 12/3/07 'Gotti's Way' set for season 2 on VH1

Hip Hop Elements 11/14/07 The Comeback Kid

Yahoo 10/23/07 The Inc.'s Irv Gotti does reality TV

Rolling Stone 10/16/07 Rock Reality Show Recap: Irv Gotti Trots Out Ja Rule Every Five Minutes on “Gotti’s Way”

NY Daily News 10/15/07 Murder Inc.'s Irv Gotti seeks 'Way' back with VH1 series

NY Times 10/14/07 Rebuilding, His Way

Newsday 10/14/07 Irv Gotti plots to make Murder Inc. a hit machine

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Gotti's Way to Premiere Monday October 15th on Vh1

Celebrity Spider 10/30/06 VH1 Announces New Irv Gotti Project


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