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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about Big Brother All Stars contestant George Boswell. 

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About George Boswell


George Boswell is from Rockford , Ill.   He is married and three daughters,  He works in hotel promotions.  George was on Big Brother season one and Big Brother 7 - All Stars.


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News Articles about Big Brother 5 Contestant George Boswell


JokersUpdates 6/21/07 Jokers Talks with Big Brother Chicken George

Buddy TV 5/9/07 Where Are They Now? Big Brother's George Boswell

JokersUpdates 2/21/07 BB7: Chicken George Chats with Jokers!

Inside Pulse 10/6/06 A Talk With Big Brother All-Stars' 'Chicken' George Boswell

TV Guide 9/4/06 BB's Dismissed Duo Speak Out

Celebrity Spider 9/1/06 Danielle & Chicken George Evicted From Big Brother All Stars

Entertainment Weekly 9/1/06 Chilled Out

Reality News Online 9/1/06 “I Was Completely Winging It”: An Interview with Big Brother: All-Stars’ George

Reality News Online 9/1/06 Big Brother: All-Stars – Why George Lost 9/1/06 Danielle & Chicken George on 'The Early Show'

Rockford Register 8/27/06 George up for eviction again

Rockford Register 8/21/06 George: A power player?

Celebrity Spider 8/18/06 Marcellas Reynolds Evicted From Big Brother All Stars; George New HOH

The Trades 7/28/06 Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Week 4: How Chicken George Got His Groove Back

On Survivor 7/19/06 Chicken George as the Lonely Janitor

Reality Shack 7/20/06 Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 19th – George's Headgear

Rockford Register Star 7/20/06 Shades of 2000: George dresses up on ‘Big Brother’

Rockford Register Star 7/19/06 Is ‘Chicken’ George a ‘master manipulator’?

Rockford Register Star 7/17/06 George trains to be a Jedi, bobs for rats in slop

Reality TV Calendar 7/17/06 Spoiler Report: Busting Chicken George

Rockford Register Star 7/16/06 George bobs for rats on ‘Big Brother’

Rockford Register Star 7/13/06 Here a George, there a George, everywhere a George

Rockford Register Star 7/13/06 George snores and Alison bows out

Rockford Register Star 7/12/06 Roomies poke fun at Boswell

Jokers Updates 7/11/06 It's Game on for George and Chicken Erika!

Rockford Register Star 7/7/06 ‘Chicken’ George has rough first day at ‘Brother’ house

Rockford Register Star 7/6/06 'Chicken' George voted into house for 'Big Brother 7'

Rockford Register Star 7/6/06 ‘Chicken’ George finds out fate tonight

Star Ledger 7/6/06 Can "Chicken man" save a fetid hen house?

Rockford Register Star 7/5/06 ‘Chicken’ George heard on accidental feed from ‘Big Brother’ set

Jokers Updates 6/28/06 BB1 George Chat's and tells us why we should vote him into the house!

Rockford Register Star 6/27/06 Time is running out to vote for George

Jokers Updates 6/23/06 Will "Chicken" George Boswell Fly Again?

Rockford Register Star 6/23/06 Summer of ‘Chicken’ George rolls on

Rockford Register Star 6/22/06 “Chicken George” stumps for spot on reality show

Rockford Register Star 6/22/06 Vote to get 'Chicken George' on 'Big Brother 7'

Zap2it 9/18/00 'Brother's' Latest Nods Include George, Jamie

Jokers Update 6/16/03 Chat with George Boswell (BB1) and Executive Producer Eddie Rosenstein


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