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On this show two people start a new job on the same day, with the goal of getting fired at 3 p.m. The person who gets fired closest to, but not past 3 o'clock, gets $25,000.


News Articles about CBS Networks Fire Me Please


Fans of Reality TV 7/7/05 In The End....

Reality Shack 7/7/05 What Does it Take to Get Fired? - Fire Me, Please, Episode 4

Reality News Online 7/6/05 Fire Me Please! Season Finale: Sometimes Its Hard Work Getting Fired

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/30/05 We're Just Phoning It In

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Reality News Online 6/29/05 Fire Me Please!, Episode 3: Dog Day Afternoon (And Morning, Too)

Reality Shack 6/26/05 Interview With Rob Little of Fire Me ... Please

Reality Shack 6/15/05 All Play ... And No Work! - Fire Me Please, Episode 2

Reality News Online 6/15/05 Fire Me... Please! Episode 2: Attack of the Drones

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/05 Rewarding The Criminally Boring: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 6/15/05 Fire Me Please : Rob Little Interview

Reality TV Magazine 6/15/05 Fire Me Please : Is It Reality?

Media Life 6/15/05 Workplace woes: 'Fire Me' in fast fade

Reality TV Calendar 6/14/05 Fire Me Please or Shoot Me Now?? Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/05 Fire Me Up!

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/05 FMP Comedian/Actor: Yes, Deluded Is The Word

Fans of Reality TV 6/9/05 The Hired Help These Days. . . .

Reality Shack 6/9/05 Pass the Pink Slip - Fire Me, Please!, Episode 1

Reality News Online 6/8/05 Fire Me... Please!, Episode 1: You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/05 Fire Me Please Actors Exposed

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/7/05 'Fire Me' pranks catch co-workers off guard

Boston Globe 6/7/05 Cancel this show, please

Washington Post 6/7/05 Canned Laughter: CBS's 'Fire Me' Is A Joke on Reality

Jam! 6/7/05 Getting fired for $25,000 US

Hollywood Reporter 6/6/05 Fire Me ... Please

Reality TV Calendar 6/4/05 Previewing Tuesday Night's Premiere

Reality News Online 6/3/05 Fire Me... Please! - A Preview

Fans of Reality TV 5/27/05 CBS Premieres "Fire Me Please," Make Money By By Losing Your Job

Wireless Flash News Service 5/27/05 Workers Asking To Get Canned For New Reality Show

Zap2It 5/6/05 CBS Pulls Triple Double with 'Big Brother,' 'Rock Star'


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