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From the producer of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” comes the highly anticipated “Find My Family,” a heartwarming program with one simple mission -- to bring families back together. With the help of a dedicated team of researchers, hosts Tim Green and Lisa Joyner guide people searching for lost loved ones through the emotional journeys that will change their lives forever.  Each episode of the television series is a one-hour, self-contained show full of moving moments and tears of joy, when mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who lost touch for decades are reunited. The show will begin with the emotional back stories of two different families in search of lost relatives. With minimal information, the “Find My Family” team will begin the difficult and frustrating process of sifting through archives and tracking down records until they uncover the missing links. Then, Lisa Joyner will reach out to the newly-found family members and let them know that someone from their biological family has been looking for them. Tim Green will narrate each story as it unfolds and meet with the people who originated the search. The in-person reunions will take place at the “Family Tree”. A follow-up with each family will conclude each episode.

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