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About the Father of the Pride Show


This is a animated comedy series based on the animals in the Siegfried and Roy's Las Vegas show. The show is from the perspective the lions, tigers and other animals that are part of the stage production.


News Articles about NBC Networks Father of the Pride


Contact Music 11/3/04 Siegfried and Roy- Inspired Show Pulled From TV Sweeps

Zap2It 11/1/04 'Pride' Is Sweeps 'Loser' at NBC

Extra 9/21/04 Cheryl Hines' Mane Man

NBCMV 9/15/04 Update: 'Father Of The Pride' Hunts Down More Powerful Numbers

Media Life 9/14/04 Why the clean TV folks dropped 'Pride'

Media Life 9/9/04 Oops! Slip-slide for 'Father of the Pride'

NBCMV 9/9/04 'Father Of The Pride' Is King Of The Ratings Jungle, Ranking #1 For The Week

Zap2It 9/9/04 'Pride' Before the Fall Gives NBC Slim Weekly Win

NBCMV 9/1/04 'Father Of The Pride' Roars Out Of The Starting Gate

Seattle Times 8/31/04 Pedigreed "Pride" won't take best of show

Deseret News 8/31/04 'Father of Pride' is back of pack

Washington Post 8/31/04 Rhymes With 'Shrek'

Projo.com 8/31/04 Pride is no Shrek

NY Times 8/31/04 For a Vegas Cat Pack, Life Is a Cabaret

NY Times 8/31/04 NBC Series Hopes to Get the Bounce, Not the Jinx

Boston Globe 8/31/04 'Father of the Pride' has no animal magnetism

Union Tribune 8/31/04 Forget the mane: NBC's 'Pride' should sink quickly

USA Today 8/31/04 Adult jokes can't rescue juvenile 'Pride'

SF Chronicle 8/31/04 Let's hope 'Father of the Pride' is on the road to extinction

Zap2It 8/30/04 Vocal Talent's On the Ride with 'Pride'

Coming Soon 8/30/04 A Preview of NBC's Father of the Pride

NBCMV 8/30/04 Toyota Drives Sponsorship, Without Commercial Interruptions, For Premiere of 'Father of the Pride' on 8/31 

Post Gazette 8/29/04 TV Reviews: 'Father of the Pride' and 'Hawaii' not for kids


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