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About the I Want a Famous Face Show


On this show cameras follow fans that have surgical makeovers in order to transform themselves into celebrity look a likes.


News Articles about MTV Networks I Want a Famous Face


Digital Spy 6/25/05 Barrymore blocks fan's MTV surgery

Celebrity Spider 5/30/05 Usher Upset By Makeover Shows

Celebrity Spider 4/21/05 Jennifer Aniston Fan Undergoes Surgery to Look Like Her Favorite Friend

Celebrity Spider 3/31/05 Go-Go Dancer Goes Under the Knife to Look Like Carmen Electra

LJ World 7/6/04 Makeover mayhem

MTV 5/4/04 “I Want a Famous Face” Looking for People to Share Their Stories

Sky.com 4/27/04 Horror At TV Makeover

Ananova 4/27/04 Kate's tears for TV makeover girl

Media Life 4/16/04 Under the knife with the under-aged

Ananova 4/14/04 Man undergoes plastic surgery to look like J-Lo

This Is London 4/13/04 Man's J-Lo plastic surgery

MSNBC 4/4/04 Absolutely the Pitts

NY Daily News 3/31/04 'Famous Face,' dangerous trend

Boston Globe 3/29/04 'Famous Face' is not a pretty sight

Globe and Mail 3/27/04 Make me a star!

MegaStar 3/19/04 Beyonce saves fan from knife

NY Daily News 3/19/04 MTV puts best face on surgery show

This Is London 3/18/04 Taking the Pitts!

Sky.com 3/18/04 They Really Are The Pitts

WCNC 3/16/04 MTV kicks off new series with Brad Pitt wannabees: the Schleps


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