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About A&E Networks Family Plots


This show explores the inner working of a family run mortuary.  Meet the Wissmillers of Poway Bernardo, one of the busiest funeral homes in Southern California.


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News Articles about A&E Networks Family Plots


Reality TV Calendar 10/17/05 Recapping The Reruns

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/05 "Baptism by Fire" Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/05 Rest In Peace - 8/21 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/05 Curb Your Anger: 8/14 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/9/05 Somethings Gotta Give: 8/7 Recap

Celebrity Spider 3/12/05 A&E TV’s “Family Plots” co-star, Rick Sadler, Names 2212 Marketing Group as Agent 3/7/05 - 3.6.05 Family Plots

TVRules 8/22/04 Family Plots: Movin' On 8/16

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/04 Catching Up With Family Plots - A New Season Begins

TVRules 8/3/04 Family Plots: Birthday Blues 8/9

Fans Of Reality TV 7/13/04 Family Plots 7/12 show The Dating Game, Take 2!

Fans Of Reality TV 7/5/04 Family Plots 7/5 show As Emily's life turns...

TVRules 7/3/04 Family Plots: A Rich Life Preview 7/5

Fans Of Reality TV 6/29/04 Family Plots 6/28 show Breaking up is hard to do... Or not!!!

Reality HQ 6/20/04 Inside Family Plots with Melissa

Crazy4RealityTV 6/16/04 Interview With Chuck Wissmiller of Family Plots

Fans Of Reality TV 6/15/04 Family Plots 6/14 show Mom's Here!!! 6/15/04 - Mum's The Word 6/10/04 - Interview with Shonna from 'Family Plots' 6/9/04 Family Plots: Episode 9 Preview 6/14

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/04 Family Plots: An Interview With Shonna

Reality Reel 6/5/04 Upcoming Episodes Of Family Plots on A&E

Press Release 6/1/04 Family Plots Preview for June 7 Episode
Detroit News 5/22/04 A&E's 'Plots' schemes to film funeral parlor reality

Reality Reel 5/11/04 Episode One: Family Plots What's It All About?

Fans Of Reality TV 5/10/04 Family Plots Show #6 This shouldn't Happen at all!


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