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In this pulsating drama set inside the nationís ultimate fortress: the Pentagon. Itís a hub of highly explosive conflicts between American military heroes and the civilians to whom they report -- a world where crises can escalate into life-and-death climaxes, for individuals or entire nations. Viewers witness critical decisions by intelligence officers in the war room and the execution of these decisions by covert special ops on the battlefield. The number-one mission is survival of the state Ė an often-delicate balance between protecting the homeland and protecting either all of mankind or the life of a lone soldier.


News Articles about NBC Networks The E-Ring


Digital Spy 4/3/06 'E-Ring' finally finds UK home

Celebrity Spider 1/26/06 A General is Kidnapped in Spain on the Next Episode of "E-Ring"
Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 JT and His Team Encounter Bio Terrorism Next Week on E-Ring

Celebrity Spider 12/8/05 E-Ring Episode Preview for December 14th

Celebrity Spider 12/5/05 Kerr Smith Joins Cast of E-Ring

Celebrity Spider 12/1/05 The Pentagon Finds Itself Playing Santa on the Next Episode of "E-Ring"

ET Online 11/18/05 Benjamin Bratt Saves The World in 'E-Ring'

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 McNulty and JT Must Save a Captured Navy Seal on the Next Episode of E-Ring

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 NBC Orders Full Season Pickup for E-Ring

Zap2It 10/26/05 Hopper Evolves From Rebel to Republican

TV Guide 10/19/05 Hopper Glad E-Ring Is No Lost Cause

NY Daily News 10/13/05 From 'Easy Rider' to 'E-Ring' insider

Zap2It 10/6/05 'E-Ring' Star Welcomes Baby Bratt

Washington Post 10/4/05 Martha, Caught in NBC's 'E-Ring' Circus

Zap2It 10/3/05 'E-Ring,' 'Martha' Swap Timeslots on NBC

Media Week 10/1/05 NBC Flips Apprentice: Martha and E-Ring

Orlando Sentinel 9/27/05 Bratt: 'E-Ring' proves 'too good to pass up'

Suburban Chicago News 9/23/05 Pentagon thriller 'E-Ring' leaves out too much of the action 9/21/05 Even with Bratt, Hopper on hand, E-Ring rings false

Newsday 9/21/05 'E-Ring' likely to snag brass ring

San Francisco Chronicle 9/21/05 Even shirtless, Benjamin Bratt can't save gung-ho 'E-Ring'

NY Times 9/21/05 A Perky Warrior Singing the Pentagon Blues

Washington Post 9/21/05 'E-Ring': Sir! No, Sir!

NY Daily News 9/21/05 It's got a familiar 'Ring'

NY Post 9/21/05 Col. Hopper Lord of This Ring


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