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About Erika Landin

Erika Landin is a Pilates Instructor from Los Angeles, California.  Erika was 33 years old on the show.  She will miss her dogs the most while she is in the house.  Robert is Erika's Ex.


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News Articles about Big Brother Contestant Erika Landin

CBS2 4/13/08 Sexy Erika Landin (BB4, All-Stars) Was No Victim 1/21/08 Interview with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4 and Big Brother All Stars 9/15/06 Boogie & Erika on 'Housecalls'

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/06 He Said, She Sad 9/13/06 Boogie, Erika & Janelle on 'The View' 9/13/06 Boogie & Erika on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 9/13/06 Big Brother: All-Stars Why Erika Lost

Reality Shack 9/13/06 Big Brother 7: All Stars, September 12th Open Letter to Erika

BigBrotherUpdates 9/10/06 Big Brother Live Feed Updates - Erika and Mike Boogie Face the Jury

Celebrity Spider 9/8/06 Janelle Voted Off Big Brother All Stars; Mike "Bookie" and Erika Final Two

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/06 Did Erika Play Us All?

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/06 Erika Vs. Mike - Who Is Number One? Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Sept 8th

Reality TV Magazine 9/3/06 Big Brother All Stars Boogie Wins HOH, Nominates Janelle & Erika

Celebrity Spider 8/25/06 James is Blindsided on Big Brother All Stars; Erika Wins HOH

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/06 Big Sister Spoiler: Erika And Mike Boogie - Showmance Or Romance?

On Survivor 7/12/06 Erika Works the Crowd, Ali Lies

JokersUpdates 7/11/06 It's Game on for George and Chicken Erika!

BigBrotherUpdates 6/27/06 An interview with Erika Landin - This time it's a whole different game

I Love Reality 6/26/06 Chat With Big Brother All Star Candidate Erica Landin Tonight

JokersUpdates 6/25/06 BB4 Erika dishes on her BB experience and life outside of BB

JokersUpdates 6/25/06 BB3 Erika Landin BB7 Campaign Chat 6/23/06 Bunky, Erika, Lisa & Marcellas on 'The Early Show'

BigBrotherUpdates 10/30/03 Interview with Big Brother 4's Erika Landin

JokersUpdates 10/28/03 Chat with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4

Reality News Online 9/17/03 Big Brother 4: Why Erika Lost

Reality TV World 9/11/03 Erika Landin becomes 9th houseguest to be evicted from the 'BB4' house

CBS 9/10/03 Erika Evicted, Houseguests Snowed In

Reality News Online 8/27/03 Big Brother 4: Erika or Jack, Who Should Be Voted Out?

Reality TV World 8/25/03 'BB4' HoH Jee Choe nominates Jack Owens Jr. and Erika Landin for eviction

Reality TV World 8/18/03 HOH Erika Landin nominates Robert Roman and Justin Giovinco for eviction

CBS 8/16/03 Erika Triumphs, Jee Defects

Zap2It 7/3/03 Meet (Most of) the 'Big Brother 4' Houseguests

Jam! 7/3/03 CBS announces 'Big Brother 4' cast

Reality TV World 7/3/03 CBS announces identities of 9 of 13 'Big Brother 4' contestants


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