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A select group of people from around the country are coerced or invited to compete in a highly-secretive, cross-county road race with a rumored prize of $32 million. Those competing include: Alex Tully, whose wife has been kidnapped and who has become convinced that competing in The Race will lead to her whereabouts; Wendy Patrakas, a new mother fleeing from her husband, Richard; Rob Laird, a soldier just back from fighting in Iraq, and his wife Ellie; Winston Salazar, a convict who has been mysteriously let out of jail, and his newly discovered half-brother Sean; Hurricane Katrina survivors Ivy, Leigh and Susan; father and daughter team John and Violet; and mysterious stowaway Corinna Wiles.


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  News Articles about FOX Networks Drive


Zap2It 7/12/07 FOX Parks 'Drive' Online

Zap2It 7/10/07 Bad Luck: FOX Pulls 'Drive' From Friday the 13th

Deseret News 7/10/07 Just pretend

Zap2It 7/2/07 No Fireworks: FOX Bumps 'Drive' Burn-Off

Celebrity Spider 6/20/07 Drive Returns for Two Hour Series Finale Wednesday July 4th

Zap2It 5/9/07 'Drive' Refuels For July Burn-Off

Inside Pulse 4/30/07 F-Rated: Drive's untimely Death

Deseret News 4/30/0 TV is not fair

Washington Post 4/27/07 Hate to Say It, but 'Drive' Has Reached the Finish Line

Zap2It 4/26/07 FOX Revokes License to 'Drive'

Digital Spy 4/26/07 'Drive' parked after four episodes

Hollywood Reporter 4/26/07 Fox revokes 'Drive' license

Celebrity Spider 4/24/07 Alex & Corinna Are Offered a Jump Start Next Week on "Drive"

Toronto Sun 4/22/07 Drive proves road worthy

Digital Spy 4/17/07 Slow start for Fox's 'Drive'

Detroit Free Press 4/15/07 Racing spoof is a mad, mad concept

TV Guide 4/15/07 Drive Time! Angel's Tim Minear Starts an Amazing Race

Plain Dealer 4/15/07 Drive' character takes a detour through Ohio 4/15/07 A fake race that mostly sputters

Palm Beach Post 4/15/07 Racing for your attention

Orlando Sentinel 4/15/07 Don't 'Drive': Fox's latest clunker is fit to be towed

Post Gazette 4/15/07 Tuned In Review: 'Drive' gears up

Jam! 4/15/07 'Drive' proves road-worthy

Courier-Journal 4/14/07 Drama 'Drive' hopes to get mileage out of road-race plot

Washington Post 4/15/07 Hot Rods and Taut Bods

NY Times 4/14/07 An Amazing Race, With Cars as the Stars

Seattle PI 4/14/07 Fox's clever 'Drive' is revved up to be an addictive prime-time indulgence

The Oregonian 4/14/07 'Drive'-by pitch pure fool's gold

Hartford Courant 4/14/07 `Drive' Is Kind Of A Drag

Toledo Blade 4/14/07 Fox hoping to rev up ratings with race drama

Washington Post 4/14/07 Fox's 'Drive': It Can't Get There From Here

Boston Globe 4/13/07 'Drive' is flat from the start

Chicago Sun-Times 4/13/07 'Drive' to distraction

Chicago Tribune 4/13/07 'Drive' a whir of fun, mayhem; 'Jane' superficial

Milwaukee Journal 4/13/07 Taut dialogue, crisp action put 'Drive' on right road

NY Post 4/13/07 Start Your Engines

Newsday 4/13/07 This drama might drive you nuts

USA Today 4/13/07 Intrigue, speed and humor fuel a cryptic 'Drive'

NY Daily News 4/13/07 Fox's road race, 'Drive,' is going nowhere fast

Star Ledger 4/13/07 'Drive' may run out of gas

USA Today 4/12/07 These stars are steering the action on 'Drive'

Knox News 4/10/07 'Drive' borrows from TV's hits, but zips along on its own

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 "Drive" Premieres Next Week on FOX

Celebrity Spider 11/1/06 Drive Races to FOX This Spring


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