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Growing up homeless in the projects of Wilmington, North Carolina, Andria "Dre" Herd spent most of his childhood trying to keep his family together and alive. He slept on the streets, ate at soup kitchens and was able to survive by becoming a street performer with his brothers.  Herd continues to reside in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a proud father to his two-year-old son, Giovanni, and his one-month-old son, Luca. His birth date is December 15, 1981.


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News Articles about Survivor Fiji contestant Dreamz Herd


Reality TV World 9/13/07 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst weighs in on Dreamz's 'Fiji' decision debate

The West Australian 7/20/07 Real street survivor

Reality TV World 6/25/07 'Survivor: Fiji' castaway Andria 'Dreamz' Herd hit with paternity lawsuit

TMZ 6/25/07 "Survivor's" Dreamz -- Devious Player, Deadbeat Dad?
NY Post 6/25/07 'Survivor' Star Gets Socked By Baby Suit

Wilmington Morning Star 6/22/07 Wilmington's 'Survivor' hit with paternity suit

Inside Pulse 5/20/07 Interview: Survivor: Fiji's Andria 'Dreamz' Herd

IGN 5/17/07 Exclusive Survivor: Fiji Interview: Dreamz

Reality News Online 5/16/07 Survivor: Fiji – Why Dreamz Lost

Wilmington Morning Star 5/15/07 Dreamz says cheerleading helped him go far

Wilmington Morning Star 5/15/07 Dreamz's family made an impression at finale

Reality News Online 5/14/07 “I Think I Did Everything Perfect” – An Interview with Survivor: Fiji’s Dreamz

MSNBC 5/14/07 Dreamz's decision stirs ‘Survivor’ fans

WRAL 5/13/07 Wilmington Native Places in Top 3 of 'Survivor'

Wilmington Morning Star 5/13/07 Dreamz's mom: 'I know he did his best'

Wilmington Morning Star 5/11/07 A deal for a new truck puts Dreamz in a tight spot

Wilmington Morning Star 5/10/07 Keepin' the Dreamz alive

Wilmington Morning Star 5/4/07 Honesty is the best policy as Dreamz advances

Wilmington Morning Star 4/27/07 It's a clean body and clean slate for Dreamz

Wilmington Morning Star 4/20/07 Smelly and duplicitous, Dreamz lives on

Celebrity Spider 4/19/07 Dreamz Works Two Different Alliances Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

Reality News Online 4/19/07 Survivor: Fiji – Why Dreamz Might Have Voted for Michelle

Wilmington Morning Star 4/13/07 Dreamz lives on, but his alliance takes a hit

Wilmington Morning Star 4/6/07 Lisi's wish to go home granted by Dreamz

Wilmington Morning Star 3/30/07 Dreamz eats too many hot dogs but still survives

Wilmington Morning Star 3/22/07 Dreamz survives sharing tribe with Rocky

Wilmington Morning Star 3/9/07 Dreamz battles Rocky and survives another week

Wilmington Morning Star 3/2/07 Dreamz makes waves but stays alive

Wilmington Morning Star 2/23/07 Another week, another win for Dreamz

Wilmington Morning Star 2/16/07 Dreamz gets personal and survives Week 2

Reality News Online 2/14/07 Survivor: Fiji, Episode 1’s Missing Intelligence Award – Askew Dreamz

Wilmington Morning Star 2/8/07 Will Dre Herd's street cred give him an edge in cutthroat TV contest?
WWAY 1/17/07 Wilmington man to appear on Survivor

Wilmington Star 1/16/07 Port City man to compete on latest 'Survivor' season

Celebrity Spider 1/14/07 CBS Announces 19 New Castaways for Survivor Fiji

Fay Observer 1/12/07 Wilmington man picked for 'Survivor'


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