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About L.A. Dragnet


ABC and Dick Wolf have made a deal to produce thirteen episodes of an updated 60 minute version of the hit police series of the 1950s.  The original show featured a now classic musical theme and deadpan detective work by Jack Webb.


News Articles about L.A. Dragnet


Zap2It 3/25/04 USA Recovers Lost 'Sisco,' 'Dragnet' Episodes

Jam! 11/7/03 ABC cancels 'L.A. Dragnet'

Zap2It 11/6/03 ABC Takes 'L.A. Dragnet' Off the Beat

TV Week 11/6/03 ABC Cancels 'L.A. Dragnet'

E!Online 10/28/03 Ratings Drag for "Dragnet," "Enterprise"

Fayetteville Online 10/15/03 From Hoke County to Hoollywood

Rocky Mountain News 10/4/03 'Dragnet' gets a makeover

NY Daily News 10/2/03 The facts, ma'am? 'Dragnet' is great

Reuters 10/1/03 TV Review: L.A. Dragnet

Brunswick News 8/23/03 Detective has new title, look

Deseret News 8/13/03 'Dragnet' overhauled again

Zap2It 7/24/03 More Actors Get Caught in 'Dragnet'

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/03 'Dragnet' snares Parke, Longoria

Beacon Journal 7/17/03 Joe Friday returns in `L.A. Dragnet'

Jam! 7/16/03 Wolf gives Dragnet more bite

Zap2It 7/15/03 'L.A. Dragnet' Widens for Second Season

Zap2It 7/15/03 'L.A. Dragnet,' '10-8' Expand Casts

New Zealand Herald 6/23/03 Balancing act for crimebusters

Zap2It 5/23/03 ABC Takes New Chances on 'Dragnet' and 'Practice'

TV Rules 4/8/03 Dragnet: For Whom the Whistle Blows 4/27


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