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About the Show


Paul Reubens stars in "You Don't Know Jack" as Troy Stevens the host of a wacky game show based on a computer game.. He's joined by various performers, including a mariachi band that performs while contestants answer an elimination-round question.  Although Paul Reubens is in character as Troy, the contestants and game are real.


News Articles about ABC Networks You Don't Know Jack


E!Online 12/18/02 Pee-wee's Innocent Plea

Zap2It 11/16/02 Reubens Finally Charged with Porn Misdemeanor

New York Daily News 11/16/02 Call him Porno Pee-Wee

Ananova 11/16/02 Pee-wee Herman and Jeffrey Jones charged over porn photos

E!Online 11/15/02 Pee-wee's Child-Porn Charge

Louisville Channel 11/28/01 Pee-Wee Actor Subject Of Porn Probe
E!Online 11/28/01 Police Raid Pee-wee's Playhouse

Zap2It 11/28/01 Paul Reubens Fights New Porn Allegations

Ananova 11/28/01 Pee-wee actor denies 'child porn' claims

TV Guide 7/16/01 Clowning Around with Jack, Glick

Fox News 6/29/01 Pee-Wee Herman ABC's Jack Ditches His Friends

Media Life 6/29/01 You really don't need to know 'Jack'

USA Today 6/27/01 'Jack' hopes to follow in Lara Croft's footsteps

E!Online 6/26/01 N-B-C: Nothing Beats Cruelty

Zap2It 6/21/01 'Jack' Scores for ABC

Spokesman Review 6/20/01 ABC offers Paul Reubens in 'Jack'

Star Ledger 6/20/01 TV makes fun of itself in new series

Detroit Free Press 6/20/01 Cheesy, sleazy, loutish join the already witless and banal

Detroit News 6/20/01 Paul Reubens shows up with a winning game

Time 6/20/01 Bigger Than Pee-wee

Cincinnati Post 6/20/01 Spoof of quiz shows, 'Jack,' is good for summer viewing

Post Gazette 6/19/01 'Don't Know Jack' and 'Go Fish' show promise

Globe and Mail 6/19/01 The one that's going to get away

Milwaukee Journal 6/19/01 Shows that will premiere Wednesday are half-fake, half-baked as well

Seattle PI 6/18/01 'Burn-off' shows don't stand a chance in hell

Post Gazette 6/13/01 TV Note: Reubens to host game show

Gamespot 6/11/01 You Don't Know Jack on TV

Zap2It 6/5/01 ABC To Launch 'Jack'

TV Guide 4/2/01 Pee-wee Rides Again

E!Online 10/16/99 Let the Games Begin


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