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Players spend a day together before the show in order to study their opponents' strengths and weaknesses.  The game begins with players nominating one person as the most likely to fail at the first stunt. If that person does fail, he or she's eliminated from the game; if the challenge is completed, the successful competitor gets to toss out someone else out. The final contestant then takes on the losing players for the title of "Top Dog," as well as a cash prize.

News Articles about NBC Networks Dog Eat Dog


Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Brooke Burns Talks About Near Fatal Swimming Accident

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Baywatch Star Brooke Burns Breaks Neck

Zap2It 4/16/04 Brooke Burns in FOX's 'North Shore' Sun

Hollywood Reporter 4/16/04 Burns lands on Fox's 'Shore'

Zap2It 3/10/04 'Average Joe,' 'Dog Eat Dog' Head to GSN

Reality TV World 3/10/04 GSN cable network acquires rights to 'Average Joe' and 'Dog Eat Dog'

Hollywood Reporter 3/10/04 GSN gets real with 'Joe,' 'Dog'

NBCMV 10/21/03 Ryan Seacrest and Brooke Burns Confirmed to Host the 2003 Radio Music Awards

USA Today 9/10/03 'Baywatch' babes make a splash

The Sun 9/4/03 Love Burns for Bruce

Fans of Reality TV 7/30/03 Flying Fish, OH NO!

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/03 Recap: Who Let the Troll In?

Fans of Reality TV 7/19/03 Bugs Squashed on a Windshield

Reality TV Talk 7/17/03 Episode 9: Drag King Mania

Reality TV Talk 7/11/03 Episode 8: The Most Bikini Stunts I've Ever Seen

Reality Reel 7/10/03 Cheerleader Edition

Reality TV World 7/9/03 NFL cheerleader episode draws highest ratings in five weeks

Fans of Reality TV 7/9/03 Hey Rah Rah Sister, Who You Calling A "Dog Pound"?!?!?!

PRNewswire 7/8/03 Mario Lopez & 'Dog Eat Dog' Brooke Burns to Host Miss Teen USA


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