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Denise was born May 5, 1967 and raised in Revere, Massachusetts.  She currently resides in Douglas, Massachusetts with her husband of 16 years, Robert. They have three daughters.  Denise currently works as a lunch lady from fourth through seventh graders in Douglas, Massachusetts.  Denise made the final four but was then voted out by a vote of 3-1.


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News Articles about Survivor China contestant Denise Martin


Reality TV Magazine 10/6/08 Denise Martin — Her Life Since Survivor
Boston Globe 1/9/08 'I'm not a liar. I'm just a human being.'

Worcester Telegram & Gazette 12/28/07 Survivor regrets ‘bad ending’

Reality News Online 12/24/07 “I Hope Everybody Can Forgive and Forget” – An Interview with Survivor: China’s Denise

Reality TV World 12/21/07 Exclusive: Denise Martin talks about her 'Survivor: China' experience

Worchester Telegram 12/20/07 Ex-lunch lady earned her $50,000 fib

Reality TV World 12/19/07 'Survivor: China's Denise Martin to donate Burnett's $50,000 to charity

Reality News Online 12/19/07 Survivor: China – Denise Finally Answers the $50,000 Question

Reality News Online 12/19/07 Survivor: China -- Denise Faces Lying Accusations on "The Early Show"

SofaChip 12/19/07 Searching for the Truth - Survivor “Scandal”

Worcester Telegram 12/19/07 Teachable Moment

Ninemsn 12/19/07 'Survivor' scammer admits defrauding show

Associated Press 12/19/07 `Survivor' Lunch Lady Won't Take $50,000

Reality News Online 12/18/07 Survivor: China – Was Denise’s Sad Story a Flat-Out Lie?

WDEF 12/18/07 Lunch Lady Denise Martin Caught In Survivor China Scandal

Boston Globe 12/18/07 'Survivor' contestant apologizes for deception

TV Guide 12/18/07 Survivor's Lunch Lady Served Up Lies, Says School

Bostonist 12/18/07 Survivor Denise Fesses Up About Her Job

TMZ 12/18/07 Did "Survivor" Lunch Lady Lie to Swipe $50K?

Worcester Telegram 12/18/07 'Survivor' dispute hits the national stage

Boston Globe 12/18/07 'Survivor' tale of woe contested back home

Worcester Telegram 12/18/07 ‘Survivor’ claim irks Douglas officials

Celebrity Spider 12/17/07 School Disputes Survivor China Contestant Denise Martin's Lost Job Story

Entertainment Weekly 12/17/07 School superintendent says 'Survivor' "lunch lady" lied

Reality News Online 12/17/07 Survivor: China – Why Denise Lost

Worcester Telegram 12/17/07 Douglas school officials challenge "Survivor"

Bostonist 12/16/07 Representing on Reality TV: Survivor Finale

Bostonist 12/16/07 Representing on Reality TV: Denise Vs. Chicken Fetus

Bostonist 12/9/07 Representing on Reality TV: Strong Survivor Smells

Idol Thoughts 12/7/07 Survivor's Denise Takes Center Stage

Worcester Telegram 9/20/07 $1M in thrills beckons for Douglas ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/07 Contestant Biography: Denise Martin

Worcester Telegram 8/23/07 Douglas woman on ‘Survivor’

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor: China


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