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From executive producers James Parriott and Michael Edelstein comes “Defying Gravity,” a sexy, provocative space thriller set in the very near future against the background of our solar system, in which eight astronauts from five countries (four women and four men) undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission covering eight billion miles.


News Articles about ABC Networks Defying Gravity


Scripted TV Fans 9/8/09 The Strange Force in Pod 4 Sends Out a Siren Call Sunday on Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 8/31/09 The Antares Crew is Being Haunted Next Week on Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 8/26/09 The Antares Crew Fight to Save a Life Sunday on Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 8/17/09 The Crew is at a Point of No Return Next Week on Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 8/14/09 The Crew Navigates a Series of System Failures Sunday on Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 8/5/09 The Crew is Turning Up the Heat Sunday on Defying Gravity
LA Times 8/2/09 Review: Tonight's 'Defying Gravity' has shaky (but promising) launch

Jam! 7/31/09 ‘Defying Gravity’ set for lift off
LA Times 7/31/09 Review: 'Defying Gravity' on ABC

Media Life 7/31/09 'Defying Gravity,' among other things

NY Post 7/30/09 Lust in Space

Uncle Barky 7/29/09 ABC makes space for intergalactic Defying Gravity

Deseret News 7/27/09 'Defying Gravity' is soap opera in space

Scripted TV Fans 7/26/09 Eight Astronauts Set Off Into Space on Next Week’s Premiere of Defying Gravity

Scripted TV Fans 7/10/09 ABC Announces New Series “Defying Gravity” to Premiere August 2

The Guardian 12/17/08 BBC and Fox take flight for blockbuster drama series


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