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David Hernandez (age 24) - Born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. Hernandez began singing at age 6. He has performed at Urban Network Events, "Arizona Idol" and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade. He has been a member of the bands Tribét and Straight Up.  David made the final 12 but was first eliminated.


News Articles about American Idol contestant David Hernandez


Broadway World 9/8/15 American Idol Finalist David Hernandez Kicks Off The Copa Palm Springs Starry Cabaret Season

Phoenix New Times 4/14/11 David Hernandez of 'American Idol' Talks 'Motown Memories' at Talking Stick Resort
Reality TV Tickets 12/10/08 Diana DeGarmo, Kimberley Locke, David Hernandez & Chikezie Perform in Idols in Concert

OurSports Central 4/2/08 American Idol's David Hernandez To Sing At RoadRunners' Home Finale

MTV 3/27/08 'American Idol' Castoff David Hernandez Eyed For 'Rent' Role As Musical Is Extended To September

TMZ 3/27/08 Hernandez to Guarini -- Now What?

TMZ 3/26/08 No Hasidic Jews in Arizona?

TMZ 3/24/08 "Idol's" David Hernandez Wants to Be "Rent" Boy

Fans of Reality TV 3/15/08 Interview With David Hernandez : "I'm Planning To Shop Around An Album"

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/08 Jim Carrey Advises American Idol Stripper To Not Get On The Internet

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/08 American Idol: David Hernandez Says Stripping Not To Blame For Elimination

Extra 3/14/08 David Hernandez's Special Message to Fans

TMZ 3/14/08 Hernandez: From "Idol" Lockdown to Chow Down

NY Daily News 3/14/08 'Idol' blames loss on singing, not stripping

Celebrity Spider 3/13/08 American Idol Results: Bye, Bye to an American Idol Hopeful

Reality TV World 3/13/08 'American Idol' finalist David Hernandez talks about his ouster, past

BuddyTV 3/13/08 American Idol 7 David Hernandez Elimination Interview

Reality TV World 3/13/08 David Hernandez thinks 'Idol' ouster was "legitimate," not conspiracy

Chancelucky 3/13/08 David Hernandez Meets Pete Best (Idol 7 Round of 12)

Reality TV World 3/13/08 Elisabeth Hasselbeck: David Hernandez 'Idol' ouster a "conspiracy"

Reality TV World 3/13/08 David Hernandez becomes the first 'American Idol' finalist eliminated

Foxes On Idol 3/13/08 American Idol 7: Why David Hernandez Lost

Idol Thoughts 3/13/08 David Out: "The Whole World Knows I Stripped in a Gay Bar and I Don't Even Get to Tour"

Palm Beach Post 3/13/08 The American Idol Bootee Call: David Hernandez

MTV 3/13/08 'American Idol' Castoff David Hernandez On Stripper Scandal: 'Adversity Is My Best Friend'

TMZ 3/13/08 Record Execs Think Hernandez Still Muy Caliente


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