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Danny Noriega (age 18) - Currently lives in Azusa, California. Noriega has been singing his entire life. Prior to auditioning for American Idol, Noriega had recently graduated from high school. In his spare time he likes to dance and make people laugh. He also loves animals.  Danny made the top 24 but was eliminated in week three.

News Articles about American Idol contestant Danny Noriega


Yahoo 12/9/13 ‘American Idol’ Alum Danny Noriega to Compete on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’
ET Online 5/20/08 'Idol' Drama Between Danny and Ramiele?

TMZ 4/22/08 "Idol" Wannabeen Not the Most Famous Noriega

People 4/3/08 Ramiele Talks About Her Future, Moving In with Danny Noriega

TMZ 3/28/08 Danny Noriega and Ross: Karaoke Nightmare

TMZ 3/27/08 Danny Noriega -- "Idol" Is a Drag

Reality TV World 3/18/08 Ousted 'Idol' hopeful Danny Noriega goes on Rosie O'Donnell cruise

TMZ 3/17/08 Danny Noriega: Big Time Cruiser

CBS 3/12/08 Danny Noriega: Simon Made Me Cry

Reality TV World 3/10/08 Eliminated 'Idol' semifinalist Danny Noriega: My personal life is private

Reality TV Magazine 3/9/08 Eliminated Idol Wants To Be Spokesperson For Gay Rights

Reuters 3/9/08 "Idol" loser Danny Noriega stayed true to self

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/08 Danny Noriega Calls Video Controversy Sad

NY Post 3/8/08 Danny Has No Regrets 

Celebrity Spider 3/7/08 American Idol: Four More Go Home
Foxes On Idol 3/7/08 American Idol 7: Why Danny Lost

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/08 'American Idol' Q&As: The Latest Cuts

People 3/7/08 Danny Noriega Gets His First Job Offer — From Rosie O’Donnell

Colorado Media Matters 3/7/08 Discussing Idol contestant Danny Noriega

MTV 3/7/08 'American Idol' Castoffs Speak

TMZ 3/6/08 Danny & David: Scandal? What Scandal?

TMZ 3/6/08 Danny Noriega's Family Will F*** You Up

MTV 3/5/08 'American Idol' Producer OKs David Hernandez's Stripper Past; Show Keeps Mum On Danny Noriega Video

TMZ 3/5/08 A.I. Contestant's "At-Risk" Past

Fashion.ie 3/4/08 Danny Noriega Wishes You a Sodomy-Filled Christmas

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 FOX Announces American Idol Schedule & Bios for Final 24 Contestants


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