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Daniel Lue is a single tax accountant living in Houston, Texas. His luxury item was magnetic rings.  His interests include body building and professional wrestling. He was born November 29, 1975.


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Inside Pulse 10/18/06 Ask Dan - Episode 5

Reality News Online 3/31/06 True Life - I'm a Reality Star: Daniel Lue and Two Morons

Reality News Online 3/8/06 Is There Life After Survivor for Daniel Lue?

Dallas Morning News 8/19/03 Daniel offers a monthly reminder of 'Survivor' stint

Reality News Online 8/18/03 Survivor: The Amazon’s Daniel Releases 2004 Calendar

Houston Chronicle 6/26/03 'Survivor' grad still celeb, of sorts

Reality News Online 3/10/03 Daniel Lue Discusses His Amazon Time… and Roger

Elites TV 2/28/03 Episode 3: Dan is a moron.

CBS 2/28/03 Daniel Gets Dumped

Media Fiends 2/28/03 Daniel on 'The Early Show'

CBS 2/28/03 Unanimous Vote-Off For Daniel

Zap2It 2/28/03 Daniel Gets Dissed At the 'Survivor: Amazon' Mixer

Reality News Online 2/27/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Daniel Lost

CBS 2/27/03 Flirting With Disaster: Daniel Lue Voted Out

Zap2It 2/19/03 'Survivor' Daniel Has Malaria

Media Fiends 1/13/03 - Survivor: Amazon Contestants Revealed

Survivor Review 1/12/02 The First Survivor of the Amazon

CBS 1/12/03 Meet Amazon 'Survivors'

Reality News Online 1/11/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Contestant Daniel Lue Previously Interview


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