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About the Law and Order: Crime & Punishment Show


This show labeled by NBC a "drama-mentary," follows real-life San Diego district attorneys planning and prosecuting their cases. The cases will be followed all the way to completion of the trial, with episodes edited to make it look and feel like the Law and Order series.


News Articles about NBC Networks Law & Order: Crime & Punishment


SF Chronicle 6/18/04 'Crime' show's in-court cameras provide lesson for Peterson trial

NBCMV 6/15/04 Changes/Additions To The Listing For NBC's 'Crime & Punishment' 6/19- 6/26

Zap2It 5/15/04 NBC Back on 'Punishment' for Summer

NBCMV 5/13/04 'Crime & Punishment' Returns for Third Season on NBC Saturday June 12

NY Post 7/6/03 'Crime' pays off in hotline help

NBCMV 6/24/03 'Crime & Punishment' Beats Its Competition Combined

NBCMV 6/18/03 ‘Crime & Punishment’ Episodes Helps Victims In Need...

NBCMV 6/2/03 'Crime & Punishment' Returns With Powerful Numbers

Kansas City Star 5/31/03 Wolf brings his reality back to NBC

The Tennessean 5/31/03 'Crime & Punishment' returns for second season of reality TV

Knox News 5/30/03 'Crime and Punishment' goes for the real thing

Zap2It 5/28/03 'Crime & Punishment' Back on the Case

NBCMV 5/5/03 "NBC presents it's new Summer Season"

Zap2It 9/17/02 NBC Extends 'Punishment'

Hollywood Reporter 9/17/02 NBC adds more 'Crime' to schedule

Zap2It 8/21/02 Rejection Turns Deadly at a Nightclub on Crime and Punishment

LA Times 7/31/02 Crime and Solving It Pays for Networks

Zap2It 7/19/02 A Man's Unusual Night Wear Prompts an Assault Charge

Zap2It 7/10/02 A Pair of Domestic Abuse Cases Are Vigorously Prosecuted

Zap2It 7/5/02 A Reputed Gang Member Goes on Trial on Crime and Punishment

Knox News 7/2/02 Networks butt heads over how best to do prime-time crime

Detroit Free Press 7/1/02 Hollywood's version of reality preferred

Milwaukee Journal 6/26/02 'Crime' and 'State v.' getting their day in court

Media Life 6/24/02 'Crime & Punishment,' stirring trial dramas

Rocky Mountain News 6/18/02 'Crime' puts real life in focus

NY Times 6/16/02 'Crime & Punishment': Just the Reality, Your Honor, and Nothing but the Reality

Contra Costa Times 6/16/02 Reality courtroom drama is a guilty pleasure

St. Petersburg Times 6/16/02 New 'docu-crime' shows feed an addiction

Washington Post 6/16/02 'Crime & Punishment'

Milwaukee Journal 6/15/02 Evidence favors 'State v.' over 'Crime'

NY Times 6/15/02 Making a Reality Show From Real-Life Trials

Washington Post 6/15/02 'Crime & Punishment': Glossy Reality

San Francisco Examiner 6/14/02 Bad boys abound

Post Gazette 6/14/02 Two new shows find real-life dramas in the courtroom

Deseret News 6/14/02 It's a real-life 'Law & Order'

LA Times 6/14/02 This 'Reality' Hybrid States Its Case Well

San Francisco Chronicle 6/13/02 Documentarian makes his case for reality TV

Toronto Star 6/13/02 Sentenced to 13 episodes of Crime & Punishment

USA Today 6/13/02 'Law & Order' meets real life

Star Ledger 6/13/02 Court of appeal

Globe and Mail 6/11/02 Look out, it's another Law & Order spinoff

Augusta Chronicle 6/3/02 Summer TV: Reality sets in

The Advocate 5/31/02 Watch Out for Summer TV

Zap2It 5/30/02 'Crime & Punishment' Not Typical Summer TV

Zap2It 4/4/02 NBC Aims to Pump Up This Summer


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