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About USA Networks Combat Missions


This series pits four teams of current and former personnel from elite units of the military 

against one another in tests of their ability. Activities such as sniper attacks and rescue 

missions would be among the tests of skill.


News Articles about Combat Missions


Reality TV World 4/2/04 'Combat Missions' Scott Helvenston among 4 dead in ambush in Iraq

Reality News Online 4/2/04 ‘Combat Missions’ Participant Among Those Murdered in Iraq

Fans of Reality TV 6/1/02 An Interview with Jeff Byers

Fans of Reality TV 5/23/02 An Interview with Mark Corwin

Reality News Online 5/1/02 Combat Missions, Episode 10: Grudge Match

Reality News Online 4/25/02 Combat Missions, Episode 9: Is Bravo’s Success Just Luck?

Reality News Online 3/14/02 Combat Missions, Episode 7 and 8: Big Yaps & Tough Guys

Reality News Online 2/22/02 Combat Missions, Episode 6: Serve, Protect, and Cheat Like MoFos!

Reality News Online 2/18/02 Combat Missions, Episodes 4 & 5: Losers and Winners

Reality News Online 2/7/02 Combat Missions - Episode 4: Alpha Vs. Charlie

Reality News Online 2/5/02 Combat Missions, Episode 3: A Major Truck-Up

Reality News Online 1/28/02 Combat Missions, Episode 2: Tank Attack, Take Two

Southeast Missourian 1/23/02 Mother watches son go to combat weekly on TV

Zap2It 1/18/02 'Combat Mission' Scores for USA Networks


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