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Colton Berry (age 18) - Currently lives in Staunton, Virginia. Berry is a senior at Wilson Memorial High School. He began singing in church when he was 5 years old. Active in community theatre, he also mentors children in a music class at a local elementary school.

News Articles about American Idol contestant Colton Berry


WHSV 3/8/08 "Idol" Contestant Directs Local Production

WCAV 3/6/08 Colton Berry on Idol Machine, His Future and Simon Cowell

News Virginian 2/29/08 Colton Berry ready to move on

News Leader 2/28/08 Resolution honors Berry

Digital Spy 2/27/08 'Idol' losers vow to keep singing

Reality TV World 2/25/08 'American Idol' hopeful Colton Berry: Simon hypocritical but expected

WHSV 2/25/08 Colton Berry Fan Club

Foxes On Idol 2/25/08 American Idol 7: Why Colton Lost

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/24/08 After 'Idol,' Staunton native Berry again focuses on stage

Staunton News Leader 2/23/08 Colton heads home to direct

Celebrity Spider 2/22/08 Four Chops on American Idol

Entertainment Weekly 2/22/08 'Idol' Exit Q&As: Garrett, Amy, Joanne, and Colton

MTV 2/22/08 'American Idol' Castoffs Speak: Garrett Isn't Worried About Being Pale, Colton Tells Ellen To Give Him A Call

Staunton News Leader 2/22/08 Colton Berry eliminated from ‘American Idol’

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/22/08 Virginia native voted off American Idol

News Virginian 2/22/08 Dreams of 'Idol' crushed

News Leader 2/20/08 Simon says, but so what? — Colton's still king for fans

WHSV 2/20/08 Support for Colton Berry

News Virginian 2/20/08 Simon calls Berry's effort called 'karaoke-style'

News-Leader 2/19/08 Berry group boasts over 1,000 fans

The News Virginian 2/19/08 Staunton native to perform on tonight's 'Idol'

Rocktown Weekly 2/19/08 Valley Resident Makes It To ‘Idol’ Top 12 Men
News-Leader 2/18/08 Gale forges Colton's 'Idol' look

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/18/08 Staunton native makes the cut as 'Idol' contest rolls on

News-Leader 2/17/08 Colton-mania, without the cable and popcorn

News Leader 2/15/08 Berry calls 'Idol' greatest experience of his life

News Leader 2/14/08 Colton Berry joins 'American Idol' 24

WHSV 2/14/08 Berry Makes Idol

News Virginian 2/14/08 Colton Berry in Idol's top 24

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 FOX Announces American Idol Schedule & Bios for Final 24 Contestants

News Leader 2/13/08 'Idol' fans get first taste of Colton Berry

News Leader 2/10/08 Augusta County man will compete in American Idol


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