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About the Colonial House Show


In this show, similar in format to the popular Frontier House show, contemporary families will live as 17th-century colonists.  Cameras will follow the participants as they cope with the same challenges that those living in the 1600s faced. The families will have no modern conveniences on which to rely, and will have to abide by a set of laws they themselves will write, in consultation

with leading academics.


News Articles about PBS Network's Colonial House


Vail Daily News 8/29/04 Local nominated for second Emmy 6/3/04 Plimoth Plantation gives visitors a chance to build the colonial way

Yankee Magazine 6/1/04 Colonial House 

Washington Post 5/25/04 Colonial House - Dave and Debbie Verdecia Freeman and Family 5/24/04 ‘Colonial House’ enables pastor to give worldwide testimony

Washington Post 5/24/04 Beth Hoppe and Dominic Muir Series Producer and Freeman/Quartermaster

Santa Cruz News Sentinel 5/23/04 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny on Colonial House

American Prospect 5/21/04 Bringin' Down the House

Washington Post 5/19/04 Amy-Kristina Herbert and Jonathon Allen Indentured Servant and Boarder

Slate 5/19/04 Historical Fiction

NY Daily News 5/18/04 Par for the corset, as Oprah joins 'Colonials'

Washington Post 5/18/04 The Wyers - Family Governor and family

Deseret News 5/17/04 'Colonial House' makes life tough

NY Daily News 5/17/04 A 'Colonial' no-ply zone

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/04 Colonial House

Seattle Post Intelligencer 5/17/04 A moment with ... Don Heinz of 'Colonial House'

Milwaukee Journal 5/17/04 These modern-day TV pilgrims learn of rocky times

Washington Post 5/16/04 Modern Mind-Set, Provincial Place

The Oregonian 5/16/04 Eccentric experiment proves surprisingly fascinating


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