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About Survivor Palau Contestant Coby Archa


Coby Archa owns a salon and works as a hairdresser. He is also is a actor at a local theatre.  Coby is from Athens, Texas.  His birth date is September 8, 1972.


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News Articles about Survivor Palau's Coby Archa


Inside Pulse 11/3/05 Ask Coby: Why Am I So Depressed?

Inside Pulse 10/24/05 Ask Coby: My Defense For My Blog On CBS!

Inside Pulse 10/5/05 Ask Coby: Steph Version 2.0

Inside Pulse 9/19/05 Ask Coby: Bobby Jon's Seizure...

Inside Pulse 9/11/05 Survivor: Guatemala - Ask Coby: My Thoughts On The New Survivors

Reality Shack 6/3/05 Interview With Coby of Survivor: Palau 5/23/05 Gay `Survivor' castaway says experience led to self-acceptance

WFAA 5/15/05 'Survivor' stint shaped Texan's priorities

The Advocate 4/21/05 Survival of the bitchiest

NoPointNecessary 4/20/05 S10 Episode 9 'Coby Jumps the Snark.'

Reality News Online 4/20/05 "Nobody Could Control Me": An Interview with Survivor's Coby

KLTV 4/18/05 Local Man Makes It Big On "Survivor" 4/18/05 Gays with Attitudes: Coby, Karamo Booted from Survivor: Palau and Inferno 2

WTSP 4/15/05 Interview with Survivor castoff Coby Archa

CBS 4/15/05 Coby Archa: Better Not Bitter

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Coby Archa becomes the twelfth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau' 4/15/05 - Coby on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 4/15/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Coby Lost

Jam! 4/15/05 Donuts not dollars for Coby

Entertainment Weekly 4/15/05 Coby Loses It

Metro 4/15/05 Tribe axes hairdresser, newcomer stays

CBS 4/14/05 One Tribe at Last: Coby Voted Out

Reality News Online 4/14/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 8 MVPs: Alone! 3/14/05 Coby Makes a Splash on Survivor: Palau

Tyler Morning Telegraph 2/18/05 Athens Performer Makes Reality TV Debut

Dallas Morning News 2/13/05 Texans again populate the 'Survivor' island adventure

Star Telegram 1/14/05 Texans join 'Survivor'

KLTV 1/13/05 "Survivor" Contestant Calls East Texas Home

E!Online 1/13/05 "Survivor: Palau" Cast Revealed

CBS 1/13/05 Meet Survivor: Palau Cast


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