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This show will be broadcast live over four nights from New York. This live event will premiere on December 17th and continue through December 20th as choirs are voted off by viewers at home.  Choirs will be eliminated one by one, until the competition comes down to three choirs on the last evening. Following each choir performance, the alternate celebrity choirmasters and a musical expert will provide commentary critiquing each choir's performance. Ultimately, the fate of the choirs rest with viewers watching at home as they judge the choir hopefuls each night. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote via phone or online.

News Articles about NBC Networks Clash of the Choirs


Cincinnati Enquirer 4/23/08 Ohio House set to honor Team Lachey

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/14/08 'Clash' choir coming to McAuley 3/30/08 Nick Lachey to perform with Cincinnati choir

Community Press 3/21/08 Tickets available to see Team Cincinnati

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/19/08 Lachey bringing 'Choirs' prize home

WLWT 3/18/08 Team Cincinnati To Perform At Oakley Benefit Concert

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/16/08 'Team Cincinnati' to promote city

Middletown Journal 3/11/08 Team Cincinnati to sing at IKEA grand opening

Hamilton Journal News 3/5/08 Team Lachey helps family build new home

Youngstown Vindicator 2/28/08 LeShawn Tucker releases debut CD

The Enquirer 2/24/08 Lachey chorus sets performances

Arizona Daily Star 2/20/08 No choir boy

Country Weekly 2/12/08 Blake And Choir Team Up Again 1/18/08 Lachey joins choir for benefit

Observer Online 1/16/08 SMC choirs recognized in holiday competition

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/12/08 Team Lachey sings

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/10/08 Choir recruited for benefit

Journal Inquirer 1/3/08 South Windsor man enjoys a season in the spotlight

WTOL 1/1/08 Winning choir welcomes New Year in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/31/07 'Clash' choir charms Square

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/31/07 'Team Lachey' rings in New Year

Midwest Sun 12/31/07 Former Titans on Clash of the Choirs

Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 GE Contributes $200,000 to Charities From NBC's Clash of the Choirs

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/30/07 'Team Lachey' choir leads holiday event

Washington Post 12/28/07 'Clash of the Choirs' Ends on a High Note


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