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About Survivor Guatemala Contestant Cindy Hall


Cindy Hall was born and raised in Maysville, Kentucky where she grew up with her identical twin sister.  She works as a zookeeper in Naples Florida.  Her birth date is June 24, 1974.

News Articles about Survivor Guatemala's Cindy Hall


Naples Daily News 11/22/06 My Life So Far: Cindy Hall, zookeeper

Ledger Independent 5/2/06 Maysville's 'Survivor' sets the pace for inaugural 5k

Naples Daily News 2/25/06 Local star of 'Survivor' unites at last with car in Naples

Ledger Independent 2/3/06 Hall sisters remember their adventures growing up on the Ohio River

Ledger Independent 2/2/06 ‘Survivor’ stars highlight fund-raising dinner

Ledger Independent 1/20/06 Dinner in honor of Cindy Hall

Ledger Independent 1/18/06 Cindy Hall homecoming to benefit Humane Society

Naples Daily News 12/10/05 'Survivor' was 'adventure of a lifetime' for Cindy Hall

Cincinnati Post 12/10/05 Castaway found joy in the jungle

Ledger Independent 12/10/05 Cindy Hall:"I'm not really ready to let go"

Naples Daily News 12/10/05 'Survivor' was 'adventure of a lifetime' for Cindy Hall

Tampa Bay's 10 12/9/05 "Survivor" Cindy wins a car, but loses a million dollars

CBS 12/9/05 Car Curse In Cruise Control

Reality TV World 12/9/05 Cindy Hall the fourteenth castaway to exit 'Survivor: Guatemala'

Reality News Online 12/9/05 “I'm Just Not Good at Kissing Butt”: An Interview with Survivor: Guatemala’s Cindy

Reality News Online 12/9/05 Survivor: Guatemala – Why Cindy Lost

News-Press 12/9/05 Ex-Naples woman driven off 'Survivor' 12/7/05 'Survivor' sis had secret visit to set

Cincinnati Post 12/6/05 Twin: 'Survivor' conditions worse than shown

Ledger Independent 12/2/05 Cindy and Mindy Hall reunited on this weeks "Survivor"

Naples Daily News 12/1/05 Survivor Cindy

Ledger Independent 11/17/05 Survivor update

Ledger Independent 11/10/05 Survivor: A vote is cast against Cindy

Maysville Online 10/26/05 Family of Survivor's Cindy Hall are survivors of Hurricane Wilma

Ledger Independent 10/14/05 Cindy survives Party #5

Maysville Online 10/7/05 Survivor party four: Show throws contestants curves, Hall stands tall

Ledger Independent 9/30/05 As family watches, Maysville's Hall pushes her team

The News-Press 9/30/05 'Survivor': Former Naples zookeeper avoids gators

Cincinnati Post 9/27/05 Area native showing her grit on 'Survivor'

Ledger Independent 9/23/05 Party continues as Survivor Cindy prevails

Ledger Independent 9/16/05 First ‘Survivor' party sees hometowner Cindy win one, lose one

Louisville Channel 9/15/05 Ky. Native Competes In New 'Survivor' Series Thursday 9/15/05 'Survivor' contestant's twin will be watching

Cincinnati Post 9/15/05 'Jungle Girl' a natural 'Survivor'

Ledger Independent 9/14/05 'Survivor Party' supports hometown contestant

Kentucky Post 9/10/05 Maysville native stars on 'Survivor'

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/05 Cindy Hall, A Zoo Keeper on Survivor Guatemala

Ledger Independent 8/29/05 Support your local survivor

Ledger Independent 8/25/05 Natural-born survivor: Cindy Hall has always been a ‘jungle girl'

News-Press 8/11/05 Former Naples zookeeper chosen for 'Survivor'

Naples Daily News 8/11/05 Former Naples zookeeper picked for next 'Survivor'

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor Guatemala


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