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Chima Simone (born July 28, 1976) is a freelance journalist from West Hollywood, California.


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News Articles about Big Brother 11 contestant Chima Simone


Reality TV Hall of Shame 8/28/09 The Epitome of Bat-Poo Insane: Big Brother 11’s Chima

People 8/27/09 Big Brother’s Chima: I Quit a Game I Couldn’t Win

Reality TV Fans 8/20/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Chima’s Departure

Reality News Online 8/20/09 Big Brother 11’s Chima Is a Twit…terer

Entertainment Weekly 8/20/09 'Big Brother 11' outcast Chima Simone apologizes for 'terrorist' remark

BuddyTV 8/19/09 The Great Fall of Chima

BuddyTV 8/19/09 Crazy Chima's Last Stand

Reality News Online 8/19/09 Big Brother 11 As I See It: In Defense of Chima

TVFunSpot 8/19/09 Chima: Ejected & Rejected

Zap2It 8/18/09 'Big Brother 11' Chima loses her mind, Lydia gets bombed

Reality TV Fans 8/18/09 Big Brother 11 Live Feed Clip - Chima Is Evicted

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/09 Julie Chen Tells Us About Chima's Exit And What To Expect Tonight

E!Online 8/18/09 Big Brother's Chima Shouldn't Have Tried to Drown Her Microphone

Big Brother Updates 8/17/09 Julie Chen Talks About Big Brother 11 Expulsion of Chima Simone

RealityShack 8/17/09 Big Brother 11 Commentary: How Far Will CBS Go For Ratings In Chima-Gate?

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/09 Chima's Wild Animal Style Turns Out To Be A Pouty Child

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/09 Video You Gotta See! Chima's Removal From The House

E!Online 8/17/09 Big Brother's Simone Evicted for Mysterious Rule Breaking

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/09 Big Brother 11: Chima Says She Left The House Voluntarily

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/09 Here's What Chima Says About Her Exit - In Her Own Words

I Love Reality 8/16/09 Why was Chima kicked off? Did she Quit? Details Here

Reality TV Fans 8/15/09 BTS Big Brother 11 Spoiler Alert “Chima Quits Big Brother?”

Big Brother Live Feeds 8/15/09 CBS official line is the producers evicted Chima.

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/09 CBS Say Big Brother Evicted Chima And Michelle Loses HoH - Live Feed Spoiler Report

Big Brother Updates 8/15/09 BB11 Live Feed Updates - Chima Simone Out of the Big Brother House But The Cheetos Are Safe


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