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Chikezie Eze (age 22 on the show) - Currently lives in Inglewood, California. Eze began singing when he was 13 years old. Before auditioning for American Idol, he was a T.S.A. (Transportation Security Administration) screener and a cashier. He also studied singing at Santa Monica College.  Chikezie made the top 12 but was third voted off.


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News Articles about American Idol contestant Chikezie Eze


TMZ 1/27/11 Former 'Idol' Chikezie -- Arrest Warrant Issued

NY Post 1/27/11 Arrest warrant issued for ex-'American Idol' hopeful Chikezie Eze: report

Digital Spy 8/19/10 'Idol' star Eze 'sentenced for ID theft'

TMZ 4/2/10 Don't Bank on Chikezie Eze 3/30/10 American Idol 2010: Two American Idols Arrested

TMZ 2/26/10 Cops Say Chikezie Used Hot Credit Card

E!Online 2/26/10 American Idol's Chikezie's All Too Easy Arrest

TMZ 2/26/10 Chikezie: I Got Busted Over Cologne
Reality TV Tickets 12/10/08 Diana DeGarmo, Kimberley Locke, David Hernandez & Chikezie Perform in Idols in Concert

TMZ 4/8/08 Chikezie Wants a Load of Locke

Reality TV Magazine 3/31/08 Chikezie Proves Hard Work Pays Off On American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 3/30/08 American Idol: Why Chikezie Dropped His Last Name

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/30/08 Interview with Chikezie: Chikezie like Sunday Morning

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/08 American Idol: Chikezie Wants A Grammy

Reality TV World 3/28/08 Ousted finalist Chikezie Eze talks about his 'American Idol' experience

Reality TV Magazine 3/28/08 Chikezie Grew On American Idol

Chancelucky 3/28/08 Chikezie Listening

Hartford Courant 3/28/08 The Press Honors Chikezie

NY Post 3/28/08 Chikezie Does It 

LA Times 3/28/08 Chikezie takes 'American Idol' elimination like an adult

Metro 3/28/08 Chikezie leaves happily

NY Daily News 3/28/08 'Idol' ouster is Eze to deal with

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 American Idol Recap: Another American Idol's Dream Dissipates

Reality TV World 3/27/08 Ousted 'American Idol' finalist Chikezie Eze 'knew' he'd be booted

LA Daily News 3/27/08 A classy exit for `Idol's' Eze

Entertainment Weekly 3/27/08 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Chikezie

E! Online 3/27/08 No Hard Feelings for Chikezie

Foxes On Idol 3/27/08 American Idol 7: Why Chikezie Lost

NY Post 3/27/08 A Bad 'Night' does in Chikezie

NY Daily News 3/27/08 'Idol' voters give Chikezie the boot

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/08 American Idol Results: Chikezie Voted Off 3/26/08 American Idol Eliminates Chikezie

LAist 3/26/08 LA Native, Chikezie, Ousted from American Idol

Arizona Daily Star 3/26/08 'American Idol' - It ain't easy being Chikezie.

LA Times 3/12/08 'Idol' Banter: A close reading of Chikezie Eze

TMZ 3/12/08 Chikezie Is Jesus' Homeboy

LAist 3/12/08 American Idol's 'Chikezie Smashed It!'

TMZ 3/11/08 Chikezie Got an "Idol" Re-Do In the Airport

NY Post 3/11/08 'I'm lucky to be here'

TMZ 3/5/08 Chikezie Has Major Baggage in Past

Daily Breeze 2/24/08 South Bay's own `Idol' leaps past 1st hurdles

Hip Hop Elements 2/15/08 'Idol's' Asia'h, Joanne, Syesha and Chikezie Make Top 24

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 FOX Announces American Idol Schedule & Bios for Final 24 Contestants


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