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About Survivor Vanuatu Contestant Chad Crittenden

Chad Crittenden is 35 years old,  a teacher from Oakland, California and is an amputee who lost part of one leg due to cancer and wears a prostheses.

News Articles about Survivor Vanuatu Contestant Chad Crittenden


University of St. Thomas Bulletin 11/28/07 Survivor’s’ first amputee contestant to speak on ‘Diverse Minds, Bodies and Spirits’ 

Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

Teen Ink 3/2/05 A Survivor’s Mom: Nancy Szabo

Reality Shack 1/21/05 Interview With Chad Crittenden of Survivor: Vanuatu

Alameda Times Star 12/12/04 Reality ends, fantasy begins by week's end

Calgary Sun 12/9/04 Tribe has spoken

Reality News Online 11/24/04 “It Is Uncomfortable Knowing You Are Being Judged on Your Gender”: An Interview with Chad

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/04 Chad Blames Ami

Reality TV Calendar 11/21/04 Why Chad Got The Boot

Reality News Online 11/19/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Chad Lost

SurvivorUpdates 11/19/04 Episode 10 - Smug Ami Hangs Chad

Reality TV World 11/19/04 Chad Crittenden becomes the eleventh castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

CBS2 11/19/04 Survivor Women Chuck Chad

Unofficial Survivor Guide 11/19/04 Girl Power: Chad Pulls Jury Duty

Zap2It 11/18/04 'Survivor' Women Punch Out Hanging Chad

CBS 11/18/04 Another Man Falls, Chad Voted Out

Stars and Stripes 11/1/04 Okinawa officer's stepson is a 'Survivor' competitor

Free Lance-Star 10/17/04 'Survivor' contestant has local ties

California Aggie Online 10/1/04 The ultimate survivor

SF Chronicle 9/18/04 Local 'Survivor' fan Chad Crittenden is now a competitor, prosthetic leg and all

Alameda Times-Star 9/16/04 Amputee teacher up for challenge that is 'Survivor'

Davis Enterprise 8/27/04 UCD grad's a new 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/04 Meet The Survivors: Chad Crittenden Bio and Photo

Contra Costa Times 8/18/04 Oakland man among latest cast of 'Survivors'

SurvivorWeb 8/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Men vs. Women

Reality TV World 8/17/04 CBS officially announces identities of 'Survivor: Vanuatu's eighteen castaways

MSNBC 8/17/04 Castaways announced for ninth ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/04 Spoiler: Meet The Survivors - Bios and Photos


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