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This show will match three celebrity chefs (Puck, Cora, Armstrong) to train side-by-side with nine celebrities. After one-on-one coaching and a culinary "boot camp," competition will play out in real time in front of a live studio audience as the stars race against the clock in this adrenaline-filled event to complete their world-class meal. The chefs will train their assigned stars providing culinary tips and secrets to prepare their meal for the final presentation. As the audience cheers for their favorites, the chefs and celebrities must work together -- a simple timing mistake, a forgotten ingredient, or a dropped plate could mean the difference between victory or defeat.


News Articles about NBC Networks Celebrity Cooking Showdown Show


PR Web 4/25/06 Cindy Margolis Wins First Ever Celebrity Cooking ShowDown NBC Reality Competition

Milwaukee Journal 4/23/06 Networks reacting faster to rating duds

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Preview for April 22nd Final Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Reality TV World 4/21/06 NBC changes plans, 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' to air Saturday

Fans of Reality TV 4/20/06 4/19 Recap It Takes a Pageant Girl to Handle the Meat

Reality TV World 4/20/06 NBC yanks 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' due to disastrous ratings

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Preview for April 20th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Zap2It 4/20/06 'Celebrity Cooking' Put in Deep Freeze

Reality TV World 4/20/06 Miss USA Chelsea Cooley the last 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' finalist

Fans of Reality TV 4/19/06 4/18 Recap Angels in the Outfield

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 Preview for April 19th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Reality TV World 4/19/06 Ashley Parker Angel the second 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' finalist

NY Daily News 4/19/06 'Celeb Cooking' show goes to pot

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/06 Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Fans of Reality TV 4/18/06 4/17 Recap Now We're Cooking With Gas

Celebrity Spider 4/18/06 Preview for April 18th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Reality TV World 4/18/06 Cindy Margolis becomes first 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' finalist

TV Guide 4/18/06 Cooking Showdown's Secrets Revealed

Media Life 4/18/06 Culinary celebs: NBC cooker crumbles

Tampa Bay Online 4/17/06 Winning Ingredients Just Aren't There On NBC's 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown'

Toronto Star 4/17/06 I smell careers burning

Jam! 4/17/06 Stars and chefs do battle on 'Cooking Showdown'

NY Daily News 4/17/06 Celebs dish it out in cookoff

Courier Journal 4/17/06 NBC counting on celebrity cooking show to dish up ratings

Mercury News 4/17/06 "Celebrity Cooking Showdown'': Something's in the kitchen

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 NBC Offers Celebrity Cooking Showdown Viewers Chance to Win Dream Kitchen

Celebrity Spider 4/9/06 Preview for Episode 1 of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 Naomi Campbell Pulls Out of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Celebrity Spider 3/23/06 NBC Announces Stars for Celebrity Cooking Showdown Premiering April 17th

Zap2It 3/23/06 'Celebrity Cooking' Lays It on Thicke

Fox 6 3/23/06 Naomi Campbell Joins "Celebrity Cooking Showdown"

Celebrity Spider 3/14/06 NBC Announces Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Zap2It 3/13/06 NBC Puts Heat to Celebrity Chefs

SOHH 3/13/06 Diddy Cooking Up New Reality Show


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