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About Celebrity Circus  

Celebrity Circus is a American version of the Celebrity Circus reality television show based on the Australian television series of the same name originally aired in 2005. The show is produced by Endemol USA with Matt Kunitz as executive producer and Rick Ringbakk as co-executive producer.

News Articles about NBC Network's Celebrity Circus  

Reality TV Magazine 7/22/08: Antonio's Big Win On Celebrity Circus!
The Trades 7/17/2008 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus: Episode 06: It's the Grand Finale!
Reality TV Magazine 7/17/08: Celebrity Circus: Antonio "The Fighter" Wins!
BuddyTV 7/16/08 'Celebrity Circus' Gears up for Finale
The Trades 7/11/08 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus - Episode 05: "It is judgment day."
Reality TV Magazine 7/10/08: Celebrity Circus: Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Perfect 10!
Stuff 7/8/08 Rachel Hunter's 'big' circus role
Celebrity Spider 7/4/08 Knight Forced To Quit Celebrity Circus With Broken Arm
Reality TV World 7/3/08 Christopher Knight leaves 'Celebrity Circus' after breaking arm in fall
The Trades 7/3/08 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus - Episode 04: "It was a car crash but I loved it!"
Reality TV Magazine 7/3/08: Celebrity Circus: Wee Man on Cloud Nine!
Knox News 7/2/08 Morrow: 'Jackass' co-star steps into 'Circus'
TV Guide 7/2/08 Circus Performer Antonio Sabato Jr. Faces Death!
The Trades 6/26/2008 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus - Episode 03: You Looked like a Baby in a Bouncer!
Reality TV Magazine 6/26/08: Janet Evans Waves Goodbye to Celebrity Circus!
Columbus Dispatch 6/25/08 'Circus' a challenge, says ex-'Brady' star
Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 Celebrity Circus: Series Starts This Week On NBC
TV Squad 6/19/08 Celebrity Circus' Blu Cantrell needs to learn some manners

Reality TV Magazine 6/19/08: Celebrity Circus: Bye Bye Blu!
The Trades 6/19/2008 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus - Episode 02: "Did He Just Blow Up His Crotch?"
BuddyTV.com 6/18/08 Christopher Knight Goes Up in Flames This Week on 'Celebrity Circus
TV Guide 6/18/08 A TV Guider Runs Off and Joins the (Celebrity) Circus
Reality TV Magazine 6/16/08: Celebrity Circus Not Clowning Around
Reality TV Magazine 6/14/08: Celebrity Circus Gets HOT!
The Trades 6/14/08 A Dose of Reality: Celebrity Circus - Episode 01: That's not an acrobat. That's Peter Brady!
Reality TV Magazine 6/12/08: Celebrity Circus' Over the Big Top Premiere!
BuddyTV.com 6/11/08 Celebrity Circus' Starts Tonight
Reality TV Magazine 6/11/08: Celebrity Circus Premieres On NBC

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