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This show, Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model follows in eight hour-long episodes, fifteen men traveling around the country to see if they have what it takes to be America's next top male model.


News Articles about Bravo Networks Manhunt


Malaysia Star 5/1/05 Jonsson’s reluctance

San Francisco Chronicle 1/9/05 Jon Jonsson, surfer and 'Manhunt' hunk, is poised for a modeling career

Reality News Online 12/2/04 Manhunt Episode 7: The Last Shot

Fans Of Reality TV 12/1/04 Manhunt Finale 11/30 Recap: Tasteful Nudity, Tasty Nudes.

Reality News Online 12/1/04 Manhunt Episode 6: Maurice Sat On A Tuffet

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/29/04 UCSC student is finalist in Bravo’s male model show

Reality News Online 11/25/04 Manhunt, Episode 6: Shake It, Work It, Bring It... Blew It

Fans Of Reality TV 11/24/04 Manhunt 11-23 Recap: Getting’ All Kinds of Dirty for the Manhunt Lather

Minneapolis City Pages 11/24/04 Manmeat: It's What's For Dinner

Fans Of Reality TV 11/18/04 Manhunt 11-16 Recap: Puerto Rican Pimp Style

Reality News Online 11/17/04 Manhunt Episode 5: Private Eyes

Reality News Online 11/11/04 “A Small Part of Me Thought It Was Going to Be About Modeling”:  Interview with John Stallings

Fans Of Reality TV 11/10/04 "Keep the Shirts On, Less Dry Humping”…Words to Live By.

Reality News Online 11/10/04 Manhunt Episode 4: Taking It, Selling It, and Coming Out

Fans Of Reality TV 11/3/04 Manhunt 11-2 Recap: What Are we Searching for?

Reality News Online 10/29/04 Manhunt Episode 3: Lost in Translation

Fans Of Reality TV 10/28/04 Manhunt 10-24 Recap: To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Marilyn Manson

Reality News Online 10/23/04 Manhunt Episodes 1 and 2: Boys Will Be Boys 10/20/04 Episode 2: A Secret Revealed

Fans Of Reality TV 10/20/04 Manhunt 10-19 Recap: Screw the Whales­Save the Hot Men!

NY Times 10/19/04 Straightness Is the Main Issue in a Male Model Contest

Fans Of Reality TV 10/13/04 It's Raining Naked Men, Halleluiah


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