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Brandon Rogers (29 on the show) From North Hollywood, CA, but spent six years in Dallas. Rogers has been singing for as long as he can remember. He works as a voice coach, wedding singer and background singer. His mother is a published songwriter.  Brandon made the top 12 but was first voted off.


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News Articles about American Idol contestant Brandon Rogers


Reality TV World 3/16/07 Brandon Rogers "absolutely knew" he would be eliminated from 'Idol'

Miami Poetry Review 3/19/07 Brandon Rogers Acknowledges He Deserved to Be Eliminated from Idol

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/18/07 Interview with Brandon Rogers: The First Victim of Sanjaya

Reality TV Magazine 3/17/07 American Idol - Bad Song Choices To Blame For Brandon Roger's Elimination

Chancelucky 3/16/07 Brandon Rogers Hurries Off Without Love

Entertainment Weekly 3/16/07 Bye Bye, Brandon

MLive 3/16/07 'Bachelor Bob' a fan of Brandon

Celebrity Spider 3/15/07 Brandon Rogers Eliminated From American Idol; British Pop Theme Tuesday

Foxes On Idol 3/15/07 American Idol 6: Why Brandon Lost

NY Post 3/15/07 'Idol' Lyric Loser 

E!Online 3/15/07 Idol Says Buh-Bye to Brandon

MTV 3/15/07 Brandon Rogers On Being Voted Off 'Idol': 'I Knew What Was Coming'

ET Online 3/15/07 'Idol': Brandon Says Goodbye

Newsday 3/15/07 Brandon first finalist out on 'Idol'

Houston Chronicle 3/15/07 Ten questions with ousted Idol Brandon Rogers

LA Daily News 3/14/07 Last Valley singer gets boot on season's 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/07 American Idol Results Brandon Rogers Eliminated 3/14/07 The Brandon, The Bald & The Beautiful

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Top 24 American Idol Contestants Revealed; American Begins Voting Next Week

Reality TV Magazine 2/1/07 Brandon Rogers From Back-up Singer To American Idol 6


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