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Brad Virata was raised in the small town of Oak Harbor, Washington, just outside of Seattle. The youngest of five children, he excelled at track, football and volleyball during his teenage years.  Brad is single and currently resides in Santa Monica, California, with his Boston terrier named Maxx. His birth date is November 23, 1976.


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News Articles Survivor Cook Islands contestant Brad Virata


Manila Mail 1/4/07 2 Filams join Survivors on TV

Windy City Times 12/13/06 Brad Virata: a ‘Survivor’

Reality News Online 11/16/06 Survivor: Cook Islands – Why Brad Lost

Jam! 11/16/06 'Survivor' coming out cut

TV Guide 11/16/06 Survivor's Brad Talks About Being a Fashion Victim

iVillage 11/14/06 Survivor Talk with Brad Virata 11/13/06 Interview with Survivor Brad Virata

Asian Journal 11/12/06 Brad Virata Voted Off Survivor

HeraldNet 11/11/06 Oak Harbor native's bid sinks on 'Survivor' 11/10/06 Brad on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 11/10/06 “I Don’t Like to Candy Coat Things”: An Interview with Survivor: Cook Islands’ Brad

Reality News Online 11/10/06 Surviving the Early Show: Brad’s Interview

WCBS 11/10/06 Brad Steps Out Of Fashion On 'Survivor'

Reality TV Magazine 11/9/06 Survivor Cook Islands Results – Brad Virata Voted Off

HeraldNet 11/9/06 Brad Watch

Washington Blade 10/20/06 Gay contestants on reality shows are facing the ‘Hatch curse’

After Elton 10/18/06 Will Survivor's Brad Virata Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast?

Skagit Valley Herald 10/13/06 Oak Harbor Survivor

News Times 9/28/06 Island Survivor

HeraldNet 9/14/06 Oak Harbor native in touchy 'Survivor' race

Asian Journal 9/1/06 Brad & Jenny Represent Fil-Ams in Survivor

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Contestants Announced for Survivor: Cook Islands


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